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Nam Hyuk's solo debut?
fans wonder if the dark star rapper
is preparing for a solo debut
cycles bi-weekly depending on submissions
MARCH 2018
1st Kang Bomi
1st Nathan Rivers
1st Uehara Naozumi
2nd James "Jem" Carroway
3rd Elisa Koizumi
12th Ahn Miyeon
17th Bing Yoomi
18th Eugene H. Whitaker
20th Han YunSeok
26th Don Seungyeon
28th Kim Youngsoo
30th Son Jaehwan
31st Kim Minhyuk

24 • vwe idol
dynamite 7 rapper / vocalist
played by thea

randomly cycles monthly

roll deep
serena hong-abbott (nina)
sky line entertainment
from ep A+
randomly cycles bi-weekly

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