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 Uehara Hideo, 38 | SLE Backstage | Takamasa Ishihara
Uehara Hideo
 Posted: Jul 11 2018, 02:46 AM
© Carter [Doesn't Matter] // Offline
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38 years old
Takamasa Ishihara
Backstage SLE

Carter. Pacific. Doesn't Matter. Pacific.
Uehara Hideo
  • N/A
  • 38
  • He/Him/His
  • Ishigaki, Okinawa, JPN
  • 07/21/1979
  • SLE
  • A&R Director
  • height
  • Average
  • Cancer / Goat

Trigger warnings for underage sex, teenage pregnancy, miscarriages

Always had some trouble with pressure and connection

His parents were always too young to be parents. It was one of the first things that he had learned, considering how he was always left with his grandma most of the time... and well, the fact that he never knew his biological mother. It was never told to him either about how both of his parents were high school students who got too adventurous, how his mother had fought for his abortion although it didn't happen, and how his father begrudgingly gave the child to Hideo's grandmother after his birth. But, even with all of this happening before he was even born, his earliest memories are filled with happiness and love from his father and his grandmother.

Is there a strategic plan? I guess nobody knows

However, as he grew older, his father began to project onto the boy everything that he hadn't been able to do. While his father had never regretted having him, it was easy for him to push his own dreams onto his son. Most of his childhood was a mix of him helping his grandmother around the house, taking care of the ever growing army of cousins that started wandering the halls, studying, and after his tenth birthday, plucking away on a guitar that he had begged for. The guitar though.... well, Hideo wasn't sure about how many fights him and his father had over all the time he allocated towards playing it, but it just turned into another part of his childhood. But one day the argument went too far and his guitar was broken and thrown into the garbage "where it belonged". It was time, he decided in that moment, to leave.

It's not about "this is so" "that is so"

He poured his soul into studying for college entrance exams, wanting to use them to go somewhere else. Maybe Tokyo? Or Yokohama? He wasn't exactly sure, as long as it was away from Ishigaki and he made sure to try to fit in language classes to get him any edge to escape. Of course, he'd miss grandma. He'd miss his cousins and their parents. He might even miss his father, but he needed to get out of this family home because he doubted that he'd so much grow much as a person while he was stuck there. An audition offer for Korea National University of Arts came out of nowhere it came out of somewhere, he just didn't expect it and he passed all rounds.. and well, Seoul was hell of a lot farther away than Tokyo.

Are there logic or theories, there’s no way out

He doesn't turn back after he leaves. It's a gradual transition of not calling back and replying to emails before every stops trying to contact him. At least, everyone other than gram, but he didn't desire to think about the disappointment if she had given up so easily. But it's easy to toss himself into his schooling, especially because of the language barrier. Everything comes together though after a time, especially after he picks preforming arts as his major. Schooling, concerts, and parties become his life at this time. His senior year his girlfriend has falls pregnant and they get married before she begins showing the signs especially because he doesn't desire the child to grow up as he did but they end up losing the baby. However, the young couple doesn't see it as a mistake.

I’ve been taking this way all the time

He finds himself teaching at the university after he graduates, managing to become one of the lower tier vocal coaches. It pays well enough and he and his wife enter a period of stability, or so he believes. After several years in his teaching position, he cuts the amount of classes that he teaches and focuses his time to work on a master's degree in business so he can try to apply at one of the big companies in Seoul. He's at the end of his schooling when he finds out his wife has been cheating on him... and he just, decides to fade into the background, moves without a word, and prepares to begin again.

Taking this way again and again!

He starts as a basic A&R representative and due to his history as both a vocal coach and pure dumb luck, he finds himself climbing through ranks fast, finding himself as one of the main directors after only three years. Only having been the director for a few months, he's already pushed through some programs in order to bring in young interns and talent. It's all he can do, after pushing away the entirety of his family and giving up most of his few friends after he got married. But... he's getting through it, everything's getting better. He thinks so anyway.

Other facts

  • Personality vise, he's actually fairly shy and has a very soft voice. Howerever, he can be in front of crowds and does better when he's playing his guitar or searching.
  • He is extremely professional at work though and isn't afraid to put as much effort into things to see him through
  • There is a fair amount of resentment in the department over him being made A&R director, and Hideo does wear himself a bit thin in order to try to prove he's competent in this role
  • Started and worked with the previous A&R director to start inclusive programs for workers from various backgrounds, including those who are disabled. Sin Jeong-rin & Hans Baumann are in this program
  • Has a very strong disdain for cheaters and if he finds out someone he considered a friend is one, he'll probably pull away
 Posted: Jul 19 2018, 09:04 PM
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