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August Sun in car accident
SLE idols injured in traffic accident
on way back from schedules
cycles bi-weekly depending on submissions
MAY 2018
2nd Cerise Zhang
2nd Youn Eunsol
3rd Sun Jimin
5th Bradley Ravenwood
5th Lee Kyueun
7th Aiden Park
7th Inoue Chiemi
10th Cha Junhoe
12th Miyamoto Haruki
14th Xie Baozhi
14th Song Xiao Ming
15th Dang Byungjoon
15th Go Sungmi
17th Fancy Adams
17th Im Wonsik
20th Oh Dong-Suk
21st Evelyn Maeng
22nd Park Inseong
30th Seon Minhee

26 • independent
played by tiffany

randomly cycles monthly

home is far away
skyline entertainment
from full-album
we've done something wonderful
randomly cycles bi-weekly

SUMMER EVENT! 5/2 - 8/2
it's time for some fun in the sun! incredible is hosting its second event for south korea's summer festivals.

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 make an invisible proof, lavy's mess of growing plants
Bae Seohyun
 Posted: May 17 2018, 12:31 PM
© lavy [she/her] // Offline
26 posts
so-so / hyunnie
twenty-three years old
living for cake only
jung jin-sol (jinsoul)

bae seohyun it's only a joke if you let it be one! and fair to say, but i think there are plenty more jokes around than you might imagine, you just have to open yourself for the fun side of life! i'm sure there's something that makes you laugh!
in progress
wb_sunny perfect picture mission! [ SUMMER EVENT ] with kwon yeoreum
loyalty ( dna ) with choi yoonsup
star_half starry night with lim nayoung
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felix cho i don't think you should stick on breaking rules, you know? just because once you could break your leg or something like that and i don't want to see you hurt. instead, let's make our own rules - or no rules. no rules sounds like fun.
in progress
whatshot double the trouble with jason yoon
layers_clear ( growl ) with cho aejun
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visibility_off n/a with n/a
io pahng for how long do i have to endure all that non-sense talk ... i'm not complaining about chatting, i'm complaining about talking. it's so awkward to pay attention to everything the other does, why not using emoticons instead?
in progress
loyalty still my no. ❤ with cho jaerin
chat waiting for you [ DISCORD CHAT ] with open
directions_run that means war! [ SUMMER EVENT ] with open
local_dining ( 会えるまで ) with sato jin
healing money back with noh changsun
social media
wifi_tethering burn the beat (music & comeblack, main blog)
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RPG-D face in the crowd HH Lochland Grove OTOS

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