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dark star rapper nam hyuk collapses
on stage during world tour in mexico
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JULY 2018
3rd Ma Zhengguo
7th Kim Hansol
7th Song Shiyoon
16th Ki Minkyu
20th Matsuda Sachiko
22nd Kitianna Robledo
27th Nam Hyeri
28th Bae Yongkook
31st Kang Chihoon

25 • sle
faction leader / main vocal
played by teresa

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덜덜덜 (DDD)
vick woo entertainment
from EP full moon
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SUMMER EVENT! 5/2 - 8/2
it's time for some fun in the sun! incredible is hosting its second event for south korea's summer festivals.

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 exes and o's, TAG: Hyesu
Oh Dong-Suk
 Posted: Jul 12 2018, 08:06 AM
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Kim TaeHyun (J. Seph)
Idol VWE

As he was getting ready, alone in front of the mirror of his room, he smiled at himself. Is not that he looked handsome and he was trying to impress a girl that he wanted to be romantically involved with. The reason for his smile was his sister this time and he couldn’t be any more excited about it. He couldn’t even remember when was the last time that they were able to go out and have fun, all by themselves.

And so with a mask on and a baseball cap, he got out of the apartment and took a cab towards Seoul's closer shopping center. The driver looked at him with a puzzled look on his face, he knew that it'd be a rather expensive drive and he could understand the look on the other man's eyes when he took a second look at himself with ¾ of his face covered up, he pulled the facemask down and smiled at the man behind the wheel.

"I can assure you that I can pay for it, I'm meeting my sister there and I haven't seen her in a while..."

The other man didn’t need to know the details of why they haven't seen each other in a while and he didn’t ask for it, he simply smiled and told him that he was happy to hear that and that was the end of the conversation. Upon arriving at the mall, Dong-Suk paid the feed and got out of the cab as if he had been pushed out of it.

The idol looked around but saw no signs of his sister among the crowd, until that was until a small group cleared out and his sister's features were seen in the distance. She had her eyes deep in her phone and at that moment, he thought about pranking her. Coming up behind her and stealing the phone from her hands and hold it in the air, knowing that there was no way that she'd be able to reach it thanks to their height difference.

"So... let's see who was keeping you entertained until I got here..."

He wasn’t really looking at the screen but more like fast scrolling with a wide smile on his lips and keeping her at a distance with a hand to her shoulder.

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thanks alex
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