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after almost 11 years, skyline announces
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JULY 2018
3rd Ma Zhengguo
7th Kim Hansol
7th Song Shiyoon
16th Ki Minkyu
20th Matsuda Sachiko
22nd Kitianna Robledo
27th Nam Hyeri
28th Bae Yongkook
31st Kang Chihoon

25 • sle
faction leader / main vocal
played by teresa

randomly cycles monthly

덜덜덜 (DDD)
vick woo entertainment
from EP full moon
randomly cycles bi-weekly

SUMMER EVENT! 5/2 - 8/2
it's time for some fun in the sun! incredible is hosting its second event for south korea's summer festivals.

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 Master Key, (sbs, 18:10, saturdays) 1/10+
Rhim Kijung
 Posted: Jun 17 2018, 11:13 AM
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Master Key
BASED ON Master Key » AIRING TIME 18:10, saturdays » GENRE game / variety show
» Starring (0/2 taken, color team)
played by Character Name

» Starring (0/2 taken, white team)
played by Character Name

» Reoccuring* (0/? taken, color team)
played by Character Name

» Reoccuring* (0/? taken, white team)
played by Character Name

» Guests* (0/? taken, color team)
played by Character Name

» Guests* (0/? taken, white team)
played by Character Name

» Female guests* (0/10 taken, color team)
played by Character Name

» Female guests* (1/10 taken, white team)
played by Bae Seohyun (Ep. 1)
played by Character Name

* Please note the number(s) of episode(s) your character's appearing in! (Reoccuring = more than once.) There's usually one (two at most in episode 7) female guest only who cycles weekly.

» Producer/Director ('Key Man')
played by Rhim Kijung

» Cameramen (0/? taken)
played by Character Name

» Scripter/Writer
played by Character Name


Master Key combines a variety and game show with elements of the mystery genre - while the gameplay does change over the running time, it's basically all about finding the Master Key that is hidden among the participants, in order to win the game

Episode 1-3: Twelve players have to find their own key scattered in 'Master Village', a special building complex, before they're able to enter the 'Room of Fate', to check whether their key is one of two Master Keys or not. Splitted in two teams, both teams are aiming to win the games to be able to get special hints about the owner of the Master Keys. The winners are who are able to vote for the Master Key owners in the last voting.

Episode 4-9: Similar to the first episodes, but now, there's an Angel Master Key and a Devil Master Key - it's about to find the Angel Master Key owner. Now, all players are able to achieve the price if most of the votes are going to the actual Angel Master Key owner. If more votes are casted for the Devil Master Key owner or even a normal player, they will win the price for them alone. (Exact rules are varying from episode to episode.)

Episode 10: Severel Master Cars are spread over a certain location, and the seven players have to commplete the car's mission in order to get keys who might open the box where six keys are gathered. Eventually, they are checking by themselves by trying to open boxes with their keys. There's only one Master Key owner who has to open the Master Box to win the game. However, the one without a key is the Master Box owner and can win this game if they open the Master Box themselves.

Episode 11 + 12 + 13: (... i add the descriptions later once i watched the episodes as well ...)

NOTE: It's hella complicated to summarize it shortly, but I hope that helps somehow ... more informations are provided on the Wikipedia article for the show. However, if you have questions, ask!
The spot/role list is currently only suitable for Episode 1-9, but sign up for 10-13 if you wish! Gonna add it, then.
I KNOW IT'S HELLA COMPLICATED, ANYWAY, but I love their concept-- If anybody would be interested in threading, tho, let me know ...!

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