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horizon members hospitalized
sle's neon and junhoe reported to be
recovering from broken bones
cycles bi-weekly depending on submissions
1st Jean Lee
2nd Hak Taesoo
2nd Lee Yoonjung
3rd Seong Minhyuk
5th Chae Hyunji
7th Cha Min-Ho
8th Yook Hanbin
10th Lee Haru
11th Park Yuri
12th Ahn Jia
12th Eun Kiho
24th Song Baek Ho
25th Ahn Taeyeon
27th Sun Jaeil
28th Lee Sooyeon
30th Shin Jongmoon

18 • eme idol
mayhem maknae / rapper
played by cody

randomly cycles monthly

elysium entertainment
from ep gravity, completed
randomly cycles bi-weekly

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 production claims
(( Please read information below before making your choice. )) In regards to how productions will function, would you prefer if:
The staff selects the available productions, creates and regulates their respective sign-up threads, and members may claim the desired position(s) for their characters [ 4 ]  [36.36%]
Members post their own desired production and will be expected to provide adequate information for the production and to update the thread as needed [ 7 ]  [63.64%]
Suggest a method of your own! [ 0 ]  [0.00%]
Total Votes: 11
Guests cannot vote 
 Posted on Dec 28 2017, 06:40 PM
© Staff [♡] // Offline
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Staff admin

Hello everyone!

We've been steadily piecing together a production claim in which you can sign your characters up for ongoing dramas, films, variety shows, etc. Members have been welcome to set up their own productions in the past, but we would like to create an official claim to allow for greater visibility, accessibility, and organization.

The production claim will have its own forum. Individual productions will each have their own thread which will contain information about the program, and will also be where members can post to sign their character(s) up for that production.

We are still in the process of developing all the little details, but there is a major decision that we would like your input on, shown in the poll above.

Keep in mind that in regards to the second option, the number of productions you may create in a single cycle are limited. This is to avoid an excess of sparsely-casted productions, as characters will also be limited in participating in a certain number of productions in order to keep things fair and reasonable.

Productions will be cycled out on a regular basis - for example, a drama may be cycled out after 3 months, or hosts for a music show may be cycled out after 2 months. The exact length of these cycles has not yet been determined. As aforementioned, these details are still being ironed out and will become more apparent once we have the claim up and running.

In the case of the third option, you are welcome to either post your suggestion(s) in this thread or PM them to a staff member.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Please do not PM this account, if you need help contact AJ, Cody, or Ophelia, ty! ♥
 Posted on Jan 8 2018, 08:09 PM
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Thank you for your votes! We will be working on arranging the production claims in these coming weeks. ♡

Please do not PM this account, if you need help contact AJ, Cody, or Ophelia, ty! ♥
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