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dark star rapper nam hyuk collapses
on stage during world tour in mexico
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JUNE 2018
1st Ryu Sanggyun
2nd Kim Ae-Jeong
2nd Hong Sejun
4th Yook Ahyeon
9th Choi Se Eun
9th Sin Jeong-Rin
10th Ok Seungwoo
11th Kogami Reika
11th Jeon Yesung
11th Jeon Yerin
15th Jang Jimin
15th Mina Yang
16th Shao Jianyi
19th Choi Jaebum
25th Kimberly Jensen
25th Yang Saeran
28th Jana Oswald
28th Luca Hwang
28th Hwang Hyeyoung

21 • eme
harmony leader / main vocal
played by lavy

randomly cycles monthly

ashe (ahn miyeon)
vick woo entertainment
released as single
randomly cycles bi-weekly

SUMMER EVENT! 5/2 - 8/2
it's time for some fun in the sun! incredible is hosting its second event for south korea's summer festivals.

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 skyless stars, 2 plots searched!
Hwang Jiyoo
 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 07:19 PM
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choi yerim (choerry)

clouds castle
hwang jiyoo
I search some plots I'd like to play out here, they can be combined actually, at least the two current ones. There might be more to be added later, and they can be exisiting characters as well! I don't really care. Sorry that there are no nice pictures I didn't know which ones to put in orz

Here we have that person who's around 19 years old, animation student and a passionate stan of K-Pop groups, no matter which one, she can tell you almost everything or at least name every member and position. But this doesn't mee the eye when she walks on the street as an ordinary person without any special achievement in her life. She usually gets only more interesting when people get to know her closer, for example, when they get to know her almost need for doing things herself, her passion for Korean music and all that. But therefore, you need to get to know her, right?
stars sealed
Not a lot of people know from her secret blog dedicated to her most favorite ship, handsome unknown males and her older sister. She has protected it with a password so no one can enter it because she knows how weird that is. However, she has a cbox put on the side of the blog where she usually just fangirls about how good her sister looks with these poor boys who don't know Jiyoo has pictures of them.
And there is where you enter the game. You actually manage to find the blog and get behind the password. I would say that the scenario "by accident" is the funniest, but I would leave it up to you! However, so you find the blog. For whatever reason, you even manage to get behind the password (okay, it's probably not really difficult, and we can talk about how you got the password! Guessing right? She probably took something from her everyday life as password. Hacking? The site's url [probably] is suspicious enough)! And now. You see these pictures of the woman and all these men.
The thing you do is absolutely commenting in the cbox because yes why not. And that's where she gets a heart attack and dies. ... at least in the first moment. I'd like the comments to be positive, like "woah, they look good together! - I think they both looked better together than the other one" or at least not of the sort "wtf is that" because I'd like them both discussing the ships actually together...!
What happens next, is up to discussions! They could meet in real life on purpose or by accident, or they keep it online. I usually wanted to let this become a romantic plot with him falling for her after they met in real life, but she keeps talking about the love life of her older sister, but I'm open to let this be right now! However, I prefer a male because this idea grew up with one, but it doesn't have to be either.
So gender (mainly), age and occupation is up to you basically!
stars sunk
There's one bullet point in her application that focuses on how she loses her organiser almost regularly - and well, one day one person actually managed to be her organiser for one meeting.
She doesn't know you and the reason why you recognised her and kept her schedule in mind is up to you! It's really an open wanted ad, we can discuss how your character found the organiser, how they realised that it's the relaxed girl sitting in a café whom the organiser belongs to and why they told her that she was about to miss a meeting.
Really, nothing's fixed here, but I'd like to let her meet this person again, whatever happens next - nobody knows so far!
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