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 To die would be an awfully big adventure, gang
Oh Yian
 Posted: Jan 14 2018, 08:04 PM
© Kacz [She/Her] // Offline
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22 years old
Bang Byungchan (Chan)

They all were like Yian; No family and no one who would miss them. Over the years, he had seen many of them dying. Some got sick, others spoiled things with the wrong people and died. Only he stayed. And he felt proud about it, it made him feel special. He doesn’t even know when the first boy joined them, there were so many of them, and they all loved Peter. They all loved him as Yian did and none of them ever questioned anything about him. Not why he disappeared sometimes for days, not how he always seemed to have a plan what to do and not where he always had the money for to spend on food. He was their leader, and they all followed him blindly. According to Peter, the money was stolen, and the little jobs were just things everyone did to survive on the street.

That was a little part out of Yian’s app about the gang, even if it’s hard to call them a gang. They rather see each other as family, or something very close to that. All of them were picked by Peter and all of them didn’t really had a place to belong to before. He gave them a home, and something like a family. And yes, they all adore him a lot. And while the group lives off from stealing and scamming, there are still rules everyone has to follow.

Peter Pan
open pb . open name . 24-27 y/o
[TAKEN | Choi Minhwan ] There isn’t much known about him within the group, yet still everyone follows him without questioning. Not even Yian knows his real name or age, nor how he ended up living on the street. Although he talks a lot, he never brings up his past or anything personal. So, all of these things are up to whoever wants to take him as long as his age is somewhere between 24 and 27. He is someone the whole group looks up and sees as their leader. Without questioning they follow his rules, and do whatever he tells them to. He is also always the one who has an idea what to do and where to go.

I think his personality should be very bright and adventurous, since he is still based on Peter Pan. On the other hand, I see him as someone who always get’s what he wants and does what he thinks is right. Arguing with him is useless, because in the end of the day he will do whatever he pleases to and still get away with it. Somehow, he will always find a way to get his head out of the snare and he doesn’t care about the others damage by doing that. He is very manipulative, and he knows very well, how to make people believe him. That’s what makes him such a dangerous personality.

Yian is his right hand and best friend. At least, that’s what he likes to think, because he knows Peter for the longest amount of time. What Peter thinks about it, is of course another thing. Also, how their relation goes on is completely open – I just would love for Yian at some point to realize Peter isn’t that great at all. If he forgives him would depend on how the plot continues.

The New Boy
open pb . open name . 16-17 y/o
He is around 16-18, but not necessarily the youngest, but definitely the least experienced how life on the street works. Other than the rest of the group, he had a quite normal childhood with loving parents and a nice home. Why he followed Peter is up to the rper, just please don’t make his past too hard. As said, he is a normal boy that ended up in this situation. And that’s also what makes it quite hard for him to keep up with the others. Of course, the opinion about him is mixed and even Peter realizes his fault soon enough. Yian, being quite the group’s mother, is also one of the few people in the group that actually care about him. Whatever develops out of it, is up to however they work together! I’m really up for anything.
The Others
open pb . open name . 16-2? y/o
Of course, the group needs other members. Although the original Lost Boys only consist of boys, I’ll also allow a few girls into the group, as long as they fit in. Generally spoken there is everything open about the members, from their past, character to age. They just shouldn’t be older than Peter. Most of them had a quite tough past, and that’s also how they ended up on the street. How they exactly ended up there, is up to the rper.
Jin Taehyun
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 11:37 PM
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kim mingyu

tae's here to join the fam~
Maxwell Sun
 Posted: May 14 2018, 12:07 AM
© Pheli [she,her] // Offline
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17 years old
Lee Felix

max will be joining as well~~
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