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 Na Kyeongho, 18 | Civilian | Lee Chan (Dino)
Na Kyeongho
 Posted: Jan 20 2018, 05:00 PM
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Lee Chan (Dino)

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Kyeongho was born in Seoul, and he never really knew his mother— she and his grandmother died when he was just a couple months old. His father didn’t even consider giving him up for adoption though, swearing the baby looked just like his mother and he couldn’t bear to. He took on the task of raising his son himself, juggling both his job and taking care of Kyeongho with the help of his father. The two men were strong male role models that Kyeongho still looks up to to this day.

Shortly after he turned five Kyeong and his dad moved around a lot, wherever his dad’s job took him. This was usually outside of Korea, moving from one country to another whenever a job would end. Kyeongho never had any sort of real stability, beyond yearly visits back to see his grandfather on the anniversary of his grandmother’s and mother’s deaths. It was alright though, and he saw it as an adventure— and he got to try lots of interesting foods. An optimist to a fault really, inherited from his father, he could always find something good about wherever they wound up.

And in each country he picked up bits and pieces of languages. Kyeongho made a game of learning the cities, and always knew more than his dad about where they lived, because his dad usually only knew the way from whatever temporary apartment they were living in to his workplace. While Kyeongho made friends easily— friends of all ages— he was never the best in school. Mainly because he didn’t put in the effort— he knew they wouldn’t stay long enough for him to get more than a couple months in, so why bother? He learned from the people he got to know instead, the neighborhoods they lived in his schoolroom.

Unfortunately Kyeongho contracted a strain of bacterial meningitis at 14, when they were living in New Zealand. With a huge project at work to take care of his father didn’t notice at first— which he can’t help but feel forever in the wrong for— and Kyeongho was very sick by the time his father did notice and took him to the hospital. He recovered over time of course, but further tests shortly after he regained consciousness proved he was deaf in both ears and would need cochlear implants. Despite his protests— it wasn’t his dad’s fault, and he doesn’t blame him any— he was taken back to Suwon to live with his paternal grandfather.

He didn’t graduate, he didn’t really see the point. And with adjusting to the new state of things, school would have been too much of a stressor. Kyeongho dropped out of school at 16 (or just never started, more accurately) and decided to become an “apprentice” (started out mopping floors, moved on to doing dishes, is now being taught how to measure ingredients) in an old style bakery. When he’s not covered in flour he delivers jajangmyeon from a local restaurant, since the apprenticeship doesn’t really pay. Living in Seoul is a new experience for him, and he’s learning the streets like he’s never had a chance to before. Seoul is a lot more modern than the cities he’s used to, and he figures there will always be something new to see.
 Posted: Jan 20 2018, 07:40 PM
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