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 ( giddy up ), tag: rah / bomi
Cha Woojin
 Posted: May 2 2018, 01:13 PM
© teddy [she/her] // Offline
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26 years old
Lee Jaehwan (Ken)

When Woojin had invited Bomi to visit the Taebaek Sunflower Festival he had intended for it to be a date. He had rehearsed it over and over before he called her. A date. He wanted to take her on a date.

In the end he had chickened out, his throat clamping whenever he tried to say the word and he just ended up inviting her. He claimed he had a spare ticket for a trip with some local flower club (that he had joined so he could keep the plants alive in his apartment that Bomi had gotten for him). He was the youngest member by a good few generations and a lot of the ahjummas liked to dote on him.

Which meant the train ride to Taebaek City was mostly him trying to remain cool and calm and also avoid answering any questions from the ahjummas about his pretty girlfriend.

In the words of the youth of today, 'Kill me Now' was Woojin's 'Big Mood'.

Thankfully the weather was gorgeous and once they got off the bus in Guwau Village, they were free to spend their time how they pleased. They would come back to the bus later on in the afternoon, go back to the train station and then head home again. They would have 5 hours at the festival and Woojin hoped it was enough time for Bomi to enjoy herself. As soon as he heard about the trip he knew he had to go and if Bomi had said she wouldn't go with him... Who could he have dragged along instead? Elisa? Maybe? "What should we do first?" He asked, smiling at Bomi a little and picking up an information booklet that would tell them about all the different events. Woojin was still too shy to tell Bomi this was a date but he hoped she would know his intentions. "There's even a petting zoo." He held the booklet so she could look at it as well. He definitely wanted to go to the sunflower cafe.

Tryin' to get control Pressure's takin' its toll Stuck in the middle zone I just want you alone My guessing game is strong Way too real to be wrong Caught up in your show Yeah, at least now I know It wasn't love, it wasn't love It was a perfect illusion somewhere in all the confusion
Kang Bomi
 Posted: May 13 2018, 12:53 PM
© 'rah [she/her] // Offline
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25 years old
choi hyojung

tag: @Cha Woojin
When Woojin had invited Bomi, m a y b e she had read between the lines a smidge. Woojin, it seemed, was about as shy and awkward as she was about the whole...maybe-dating thing. Bomi was relatively certain this was supposed to be a date.

And if it's not a date, well. He's too sweet to make it awkward, and you can just come home and cry later.

She wasn't quite sure when she'd realized she so desperately wanted this to become More than just her helping him out. The unit she had done with his students had gone off without a hitch, and the class still sent her pictures of their plants growing tall and proud and strong in their individual terra-cotta pots, each one decorated as unique as the child who owned it. It was charming, heartwarming, and it made her happy to have played even a tiny part in something that clearly brought the students so much happiness.

And that simple participation was what she clung to every time one of Woomi's ahjumma flower buddies looked her way with an "I Know Something You Don't Know" look. Which....was fairly often, actually. They seemed rather eager to meddle in Woojin's affairs which...


Bomi was equal parts alarmed and amused by their persistence. It was cute, but the third or fourth time a pushy old lady interrupted the conversation she was trying to have, it just. She just wanted to swat them with the sun hat she had packed for when it was finally time to escape the bus. At least Woojin looked amused, and that little smile - like he was swallowing his urge to laugh - soothed away a little of the irritated edge...

But she was glad to escape the bus regardless. She pulled the floppy hat on her head, and shuffled closer so she could look at the map, maybe just brushing against Woojin's side.

"I don't know where we should start, it all looks so fun...." She mused, tracing a finger on one of the suggested walking paths before she grinned. "I want to see the petting zoo, too...and go to the cafe....but maybe we could start here?" She pointed at what looked like an exhibition hall. "Let's look at the art first, since I think it will be the least interesting....?" She paused, then amended, "I mean. It won't be boring, but it's the thing I'm least excited about."

Cha Woojin
 Posted: May 15 2018, 12:14 PM
© teddy [she/her] // Offline
60 posts
26 years old
Lee Jaehwan (Ken)

"You look pretty." He managed, after debating in his head for a while if he should say cute or pretty. Perhaps pretty suited a woman better? He didn't want Bomi to think he thought she was like a child if he called her cute. "I especially like your sundress and hat." And the weather meant she was perfectly dressed. Woojin liked to see pretty girls in dresses and was more than happy to see Bomi in a dress. She looked so beautiful! He was going to melt from happiness from just being this close to her.

He chuckled at Bomi's explanation of what she wanted to do and he nodded. "Alright, let's do that first. Since everything else we want to do is more fun so it's better to end the day on a high, right?" He smiled and hoped he had said that right. As the crowd seemed to grow, Woojin put his arm around Bomi's shoulder to help guide her through all the people. Well, he was taller so it was easier for him to see? Right? This wasn't being creepy was it? Woojin panicked and dropped his hands quickly after they made it to the hall. "Sorry." He blushed. He hoped she wouldn't get weirded out at him or get mad. "Um, let's look around then..." Woojin motioned for Bomi to go ahead of him.

Exhaling, Woojin knew he had to chill out and stop panicking.
He had dated girls before. He knew what to do!

It had been years since his last girlfriend...

Looking around, Woojin was glad they came here first and knew it definitely would have ruined his mood to come last. It wasn't boring per say but it wasn't exactly his thing either. Woojin needed something more lively and hands on. He glanced at Bomi and wondered what she thought of it. She stepped a bit closer and leaned down to whisper, "I think the artist used the space well, excellent colour choices." And smiled.

Tryin' to get control Pressure's takin' its toll Stuck in the middle zone I just want you alone My guessing game is strong Way too real to be wrong Caught up in your show Yeah, at least now I know It wasn't love, it wasn't love It was a perfect illusion somewhere in all the confusion

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