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 shim joyeon, 19 | trainee sle | lee minho (lee know)
Shim Joyeon
 Posted: May 14 2018, 09:05 PM
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He blinked and tilted his head at the camera, and the frame jostled around a bit as he adjusted the selfie stick in his hands. "Is it working? I can't see any comments." He tapped at the screen experimentally, his lips pursed in a contemplative pout. "It's so quiet. Are you all shy? It's okay, I'm shy too~ So please talk to me!" His lips parted into a grin; fortunately the quality is pixelated enough that the camera didn't capture the waver in his smile. His easygoing demeanor betrayed nothing of his heart pounding anxiously in his chest. People would actually come to this V-Live, right? He always worried about being known as the unfun or uninteresting member. There was nothing more pathetic than a leader without charisma and conviction, so he pushed himself to be the bright, energetic person he appeared to be.

Joyeon flicked his head to the side to get his bangs out of his face, then continued to fiddle around with his bangs, using the camera as a mirror. It was a nervous habit, playing with his bangs and hiding his face; when he realized what he was doing, he practically jolted and quickly dropped his hand to his lap. People wouldn't want to watch a video if he was just covering his face the whole time.

The connection properly kicked in, and suddenly comment bubbles sprang up on the screen. "Aha, there are some comments now-- oh, that's a lot of comments. Uwah, there's a lot of you! Hi, hi, hello, hey, yo~" He visibly brightened, his smile broadening with relief that there were at least some people here. He wasn't sure how many people would end up watching, but even if he could keep the attention and interest of only five people, then that was all he could ask for. And he'd do everything he could for those five people.

"I should properly introduce myself, right? Yes! Hello everyone, I'm the leader of Golden Days and your pride and Joy..." He trailed off, his smile fading a bit as his mind steadily went blank. He'd rehearsed this all in this head before, but now he couldn't remember what he planned. "... Yes, I'm Joy~" He made a quick recovery with a bright smile and a V-pose, before he let out a high-pitched, nervous giggle and slapped his hand over his face in embarrassment. "I'm working on it! I'm really working on it, I swear! Does it sound too strange? Oooh, please don't cringe at me-- noooo, don't kekeke at me~" He cradled his cheek in the palm of his hand, his smile staying bright but he could feel the heat rising to his face. He wanted to hide.

"Right, well, I've got this V-Live running for a reason! I wanted to talk to all my precious Every Days some more... I see a lot of your comments on SNS but I don't always have time to reply. So! Now is your chance to ask me anything you want, and you'll get a guaranteed immediate response! Uwah--" He reeled back a bit when the chat started moving at what seemed like light speed, and he laughed. "I'll-- I'll try my best to reply to as much as possible. Wah, you guys can type really quickly, can't you? It's impressive, really. Okay, okay, I'll do my best. I'll start with, ahh..."

Joyeon squinted at the comments scrolling by. "'Did you eat yet?' Yes, I ate already! I had ramyun with Yongie. We ate while we were watching... are you guys familiar with it? The drama Shadows. It's getting close to the finale!" He paused to a read a comment and then laughed. "No, I won't spoil anything, I promise. But I will say this: tonight's episode was really good. Ah, I really like these sorts of dramas. Those dark thriller types." He laughed, a bit self-consciously. "Is it surprising? I just think mysteries and suspense are really fun. It's kind of fun to scare yourself, isn't it? Oh, but I like lighter stuff, too... ah, I'm talking too much. Next question!"

"'With Yongie again?'" Joyeon giggled; the friendship between Joyeon and his groupmate Yonghwa was all too obvious to fans. "Yes, with Yongie again. He and I hang out a lot, just 'cause we like to do a lot of the same things. And you know, maybe you all don't know this yet, but we've known each other for a long time. Yes, really! For maybe, mm.. five, six years now? I moved back to South Korea when I was thirteen, so I first met him in middle school. I lived in Canada for a while so it was kind of hard to adjust, but Yongie was really helpful~ --Ah, no, I wasn't born in Canada, I moved there when I was five. That was sort of difficult too..." He trailed off, momentarily lost in thought as he reflected on those years spent in Canada. They had been terribly lonely years...

"Ah, but! There was someone in Canada who helped me too. Mm, I... maybe I shouldn't say his name, I don't want to mess with his privacy. I know my Every Days wouldn't do anything wrong or mean, but you know-- well, I'll give you a hint. He was named after a bird! A really cute and pretty bird." He grinned brightly as he thought about Robin, his first and probably only friend that he'd managed to make while he lived in Ottawa. The two of them had never really fit in well among their peers, so they naturally gravitated towards each other; and considering Joyeon's English had been subpar at the time, it was a relief to have someone he could communicate in Korean with. "He's actually back in South Korea, too! I like to visit him whenever I can-- no, really, I can't give his name~" Joyeon tried to assuage the curious commenters. He trusted his fans, but Joyeon still worried about something going wrong, and he didn't want Robin to end up getting in trouble or overwhelmed.

"What's next? 'What is your English name?' Ahh, that... it was 'Joey', heheh. It's a little similar to 'Joy', right? Actually, my name - my stage name - it sort of mutated from my American name. 'Joey' became 'Joy'. But I don't mind it at all. I really like it, actually. I always try to be a more joyful person; they say happiness is contagious, right? I want to be the type of person that can make a lot of people happy." He grinned brightly at the camera. More than that, Joyeon just wanted to be... useful. He wanted to have a purpose. Something people that could always rely on him for without fail. He wanted to be someone who was strong, secure, and happy. So maybe if he just forced it enough, then he could really become that kind of person...

"'Do you have any siblings?'" Joyeon read the question out loud without really thinking about it, and then his expression seemed to still, the energy lighting up his features slowly falling away. His siblings... yes he had siblings. Two older brothers. And one sister. Rather, he was supposed to have a sister. They'd shared the womb together but he was the only one allowed to take his first gasps of air. His twin didn't make it. It wasn't his mother who told him this, but his older brothers, cruelly sneering – why was it you that was born? Mom cried every night because of you.

His mother had always wanted a daughter. Of course she would, being stuck in a household of men for so long. She never showed a single sign of resentment towards Joyeon - she loved and cared for him dearly, as he did for her. But Joyeon had always wondered if she harbored a secret loathing for him. Why you? Why not her? Why did you take her from me? Of course, reasonably speaking, it was impossible for it to be Joyeon's fault. There was nothing he could have done; it was just a terrible misfortune, plain and simple.

Ah, he was spending too much time thinking. "Yes, I have two older brothers~ One of them still lives in Canada -- he runs a business there, actually. And one's here in South Korea." He smiled uneasily, keen on changing the topic as soon as possible. He quickly found one that caught his attention. "'What do you like most about music?' Ahh, there's so much - well, first of all, I just think it's a really beautiful way to express yourself. Communicating with people can be hard, right? But with music, you can get your feelings across to lots of different people. It's kind of like a universal language, right? Even if you can't understand the words, you can still feel the emotions behind it. I think that's just a really beautiful thing." He smiled fondly. Getting into music helped a lot in Joyeon bonding with his mother, who had always nurtured her creative side and was thrilled that Joyeon was interested in the arts as well.

He brightened up even more when he noticed something in the chat. "Yes, we've got a lot of international fans in the chat right now, huh?" He switched into English for a moment. "Hi, to all my Days across the world! I really appreciate your support! I'm so happy you are here~ Please stay with us for a long time!" Even if living in Canada hadn't been the best experience for Joyeon, it had definitely helped polish his English speaking skills. "Konnichiwa, ni hao, bonjour, sawasdeekap, hola, ciao, guten tag... ahh... I'm sure there are many I'm missing... I'm going to memorize as many as I can, okay! I'll learn as many languages as my brain can hold! It's a promise. Music is a great way to communicate but I think it's important to learn new languages too. Language is a really special thing so we should treasure and respect it." Joyeon nodded sagely, then gave a thumbs up with a smile. "Let's all do our best to learn and love, okay?"

Joyeon's bright, energetic, charming personality is partly just for show; by nature, he's much more introverted and insecure than he seems. He dislikes bringing down the mood and making people worry about him - he always worries about being burdensome, especially as the eldest and the leader of Golden Days. His ultimate goal is just to make sure people are happy.

Unlike his charming and easygoing demeanor now, he was extremely skittish and quiet when he was younger. His older brothers pushed him around a lot, and he ended up internalizing much of their taunting, especially in regards to his twin sister that was never born. Although he fully understands now that it wasn't his fault and was out of everyone's control, he still worries about being nothing more than a useless parasite; so he usually goes out of his way to make himself as relevant as possible, putting himself out there, helping out, and attracting attention, even if it makes him anxious.

He is overall a wound-up ball of anxiety, which partly contributes to his seemingly endless amount of energy. He is very sensitive and tries not to let it show, but he's pretty bad at hiding his true feelings; it's especially obvious when he feels down, as he gets very quiet and unlike his normally bright self.

He's a very emotionally and physically clingy person; he thrives off of physical contact and the emotional connection that comes with it. He tends to get attached to people quickly, easily, and deeply - all it takes for him to get attached to someone is if they act nice to him. He's in a constant, desperate state to forge connections with as many people as possible; partly because he loves people, partly because he craves the validation that comes with relationships.

His interest in music and dance started with his mother; she didn't push him into it, but he voluntarily took on music lessons in hopes of getting closer to her. Eventually his interest in music became a personal passion and dream for him, and he began competing in dancing and singing competitions when he came back to South Korea.

He briefly trained with a small independent company until he had the opportunity to audition for Skyline with Yonghwa; he trained with them for three years until he was officially placed in Skyline's upcoming group, Golden Days, as their leader.

 Posted: May 17 2018, 01:25 PM
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