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 Kyo Minki, 20 | EME Trainee | Yoon Jeonghan
Kyo Minki
 Posted: Jul 11 2018, 04:21 PM
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  • cancer
The dress is breathtaking, it hugs Minji’s silhouette just right, making her feel delicate and feminine, the neckline is straight, drawing attention away from her flat chest towards her collarbones, a beautiful satin belt at the waist gives her a soft hourglass figure, the sleeves are made entirely of a beautiful lace making her arms seem graceful and gentle rather than lightly muscled.
The dress belongs to Minki’s mother, as a classical singer she owns many more stunning evening gowns like this one. When Minki thinks of her, he always see’s her in one of these robes, standing in the spotlight, enchanting the audience with her strong voice. She’s like an angel, a face exquisitely delicate, a voice heavenly beautiful, a figure bathed in light and an aura of being entirely untouchable. There’s another similarity with an angel: she always, always flies away. Paris, London, Sydney, Shanghai, Tokyo, Istanbul, Mumbai, any place seems to excite, to hold some appeal, any place but home that is. Minki has learned to accept that his mother choose not to be with her husband and child and wondered whom exactly his father’s comforting lies about her wish for a career were supposed to fool.

The necklace Minji puts on next is white gold and has a very subtle beauty. From the delicate chain tangles a pendant that’s smaller than a coin and yet eye-catching. In the middle there is a diamond that is surrounded by a circle of smaller ones. The necklace makes Minji feel all the more elegant and classy.
The necklace was a gift from Minki’s father for his mother, father and son had chosen it together. It had been expensive, very expensive, three month worth of his father’s exorbitant salary. And his father had been as nervous about the gift as his mother had been ungracious in accepting it, when she’d flown away again, she’d left it behind. Minki hadn’t ever seen anyone as broken as his father as he had found the necklace. Father and son had looked at each other in quiet understanding and then Minki had been handed the necklace with the strangled words: “Here, you should keep it. You will take better care of it, won’t you?” Minki had felt faint with fear of what his father could possibly mean by that, how much more had he silently noticed without speaking up? And then he wondered if this gift was his father’s way of saying ‘I know. I’ve seen and I love you still.’ Nothing more was spoken, not then and not since and yet Minki doesn’t have anything more precious.

The hair falls long and soft over her shoulders and Minji blissfully combs her fingers through it, it feels and shines just like silk. The color is a soft brown and it’s cut in such a way that makes it flatteringly frame her face. With much care and love Minji waves the hair into a fishtail braid and ads artful flowery jewelry.
The long hair plays such an important role in Minki’s life. It had first grown so by accident, an absent mother, an unobservant father and a delighted Minki all equally to blame. Being bullied and beaten where the first consequence of his hair, his father signing him up for Taekwondo classes was the second, his mother returning home from weeks of travel and telling her six year old son ‘why did nobody cut your hair? Did I give birth to a son or a daughter?’ was the last. Back then Minki had still thought his mother’s love could be earned. For the years to follow the hair would remain short and the son wouldn’t dare be anything but the son he was born as. Recently though professional stylists have decided to grow out Minki’s hair and he would have kissed them in gratitude if he could have. Like his hair inch by inch grew his happiness and comfort.

The lips get rubbed with a sugar pealing making them soft and smooth. Minji applies her favorite berry lipstick, it reminds her of raspberries and kisses. If Minji wants to feel pretty she always turns to this lipstick.
The lips were unkissed. Minki had never desired to kiss any girl and he hadn’t dared to kiss any guy, besides he wasn’t exactly sure he was gay exactly. The things he would fantasize about were quite impossible. In his deepest, darkest dreams he would be held and touched, treated and treasured like a woman. The fantasy of being held with gentle care is always exquisite and Minki partly blames his parents for it. Minki couldn’t remember his mother ever hugging him or pulling him close, she’d always seemed to like the distance. Minki’s father would sometimes manage to give him a comforting squeeze on the shoulder but he too seemed incapable of holding his son close, despite Minki feeling that his father might have liked to do so, if he could only figure out how, the problem was Minki himself didn’t quite know either. The other trainee’s knew though, they’d poke and prod and tickle and hug Minki without much hesitation and he secretly loved it.

The mirror that was part of a finely crafted vanity was special not because of its wooden carvings but for the person it reflected. A young girl that was a secret, and illusion, that didn’t exist outside of this mirror, a person that remained unseen by anyone but Minki.
The mirror was Minki’s only confidant for a reason, Minki knows that his love for cross-dressing, his fantasies about being a woman and his desires to act on them were disturbing and would bring his family so much shame if found out and neither Minji inside the mirror or Minki outside of it were willing to fight the world to free her. He tries to make her happy in small ways though. Minki has chosen the career of an idol not because due to years of singing lessons he had an amazing voice (the lessons had initially been taken in an attempt to draw his mother’s attention) but because Minki had realized that no other profession he could have chosen would have allowed him to sometimes be playful and girly, to teasingly flirt with men, to be touched by them and to maybe someday even cross-dress. Of course Minki knew that it was all just pretend as to entertain and to give fan service, like Minji it was only an illusion but Minki would choose these illusions over not getting to escape reality at all.

 Posted: Jul 11 2018, 07:49 PM
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