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 Anime Chat!
Kang Sungu
 Posted: Sep 19 2017, 05:32 AM
© teddy [she/her] // Online
486 posts
20 years old
Dating (B. Yongkook)
Lee Seokmin (DK)
Idol SLE

Yo! I'm looking for some new anime to watch / put on my to watch list on MAL and wondering if you guys got anything to recommend that I might like! Also, it'd be a fun topic for other people to find out anime they might not have watched and wanna watch now or to just talk about their favourites and wotnot.

What I mainly like are shounen/fighting anime, slice of life and romance-y stuff too. Heh. I have a hard time watching super long anime if it's not something I'm already into (like DBZ or Naruto). I'd love to watch more Sports anime but I didn't like Free! And I have no interest in Yuri On Ice. I'm super bad at watching second seasons of anime too ^-^ Dunno why! Just am!

My top favourites are:
- Dragonball / DBZ
- One Punch Man
- Kuragehime
- Assassination Classroom
- Ore Monogatari

So yeah! If you Guys got anything you think I might like, lemme know! Feel free to post and chat about your favourite animes too!

Also feel free to add me on MAL (Click)
Kim Hansol
 Posted: Oct 3 2017, 11:54 PM
© 'rah [she/her] // Online
124 posts
24 years old
ahn jaehyo

Natsume's Book of Friends cute slice of life fantasy with pretty short seasons and yes that's where Nyanko Sensei is from (....and half of yokai!verse) and idk i know gintare probably recommended this to you too--
 Posted: Oct 24 2017, 03:28 PM
© cody [they/them] // Online
294 posts
20 years old
Staff admin

i don't watch anime very much anymore but i do have some favs that i think make good recommendations! i was very into sports animanga so i have a few of those to suggest heh

yowamushi pedal biking animanga; very cute characters and compelling relationships, amusing and feelsy, good animation quality from what i can remember.

haikyuu!! volleyball animanga; also v cute characters, interesting inter- and intra-school relationships, pretty great animation quality, the manga is a good read too.

ace of diamond or daiya no a/diamond no ace, a baseball animanga; definitely one of my favorites, though i'd suggest reading the manga because the animation quality is a little eh. but it stays pretty faithful to the manga so it's your preference. i'm getting too lazy to describe these now but i really liked it so yes

ookiku furikabutte baseball animanga; really heartwarming coming of age sort of story, really sweet relationships, arguably the most 'realistic' compared to how dramatic these shounen mangas can be lol. it's pretty slice of life-y too.

i haven't been keeping up with any of these lately so idk/don't remember how long the seasons are or how many they are but they are all worth a try!

i also second rah, natsume yuujinchou is so good ;~;
akatsuki no yona is also super amazing. fantasy, romance, and action basically. it's soooo good
and finally shigatsu wa kimi no uso, i have nothing to say except i cried 100x

 Posted: Oct 26 2017, 02:42 PM
© AJ [she/hers] // Offline
148 posts
OLD years old
Staff admin

My daughter is watching Blue exorcist and cannot get enough of it. I think it is about demons and people training to cast them out from the human plain? I barely watch it but she is loving it! lol
Ma ZhengGuo
 Posted: Oct 28 2017, 01:14 AM
© Carter [Whatever] // Offline
329 posts
25 years old
Huang Zitao
Idol VWE

Spice and Wolf is probably my favorite anime of all time. It's about a wolf harvest goddess trying to go home in the middle ages. It has a lot of merchant economic stuff too if you're into that. It has a second season I've yet to watch but the first is pretty good.

Noragami is the last full anime i watched and it's p good but I haven't watched the second season

Junjou Romtantica is cute if u want some shojo gey

Hetalia is funny but it's built off of sterotypes. It also has like.... 4 seasons? But the episodes are like five minutes each so pretty bite sized

I have really basic bitch tastes in anime gomen
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