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 ( Best Friend to Lover? ), fc: seong hyunwoo
Baby Sun
 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 01:55 PM
© teddy [she/her] // Offline
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Pls take
First off. IDK anything about Produce 101 S2 so don't @ me.

Second off. Um. Hi.

So this want ad is simple. I want someone to take up Seong Hyunwoo (I'll use this name for the want ad too, js.) who will be Baby Sun's male best friend. They would have met some time after Baby came to S. Korea (he's from Thailand). I would rather he didn't have a famous career. Something backstage, or as a manager or in the civilian group is fine with me but no actors or idols please.

A lot about him is open. He doesn't even have to be homosexual to begin with. He will know Baby is into guys however, since he's very open about that. He's rather independent right now and is very focused on his career so, while there is potential for a love plot between these two, it won't happen right away. So that gives you opportunity to let this dude date other people, have flings or whatever before they both realise their feelings for each other. Baby can be kinda jealous of Hyunwoo spending time with other people, especially if he feels he's being pushed to the side. This can be worked into plots between these two as well!

Any other notes I think are relevant:

- Baby lives with Kwon Iseul
- Hyunwoo needs to be 180cm+ heh
- He should be full korean too
- They don't have to be finals

If you have any questions or interest in taking this, please contact me via PM on @Kang Sungu or on discord at teddy#0015 c: also i reserve the right to refuse anyone in regards to this ad.

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