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 Seung Hwan, 22 || Idol || SLE || B.I. (Kim Hanbin)
Seung Hwan
 Posted: May 14 2018, 04:31 PM
© Lizz [Her/She] // Offline
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Hwan, Hwan-Hwan
22 years old
Pits of hell
Kim Hanbin
Idol SLE

Lizz. Pm. Her/she. Amsterdam.
Seung Hwan.
  • Seung, Hwan, Hwan-Hwan.
  • 22.
  • Him/He.
  • Cheonan.
  • 03/05/1995
  • Skyline Entertainment.
  • IDOL (bluebird)
  • 5"7Ft
  • 63KG
  • Pisces.
Distant - Closed - Grumpy - Big mouth - Dependent - Naive - Thoughtful - Loyal - Caring - Pessimistic - Impatient - Dry - Inward-looking - Does not take a leaf - Direct - Do not know how to deal with his emotions

Hwan is a complex boy who sometimes struggles with himself. He has a hard time dealing mainly with negative emotions, which he often hides away and stuffs up and hopes they will not return. To hide this, he often has a big mouth, complete with dry and sarcastic remarks, and he is as distant as possible. Hwan cannot handle it if people try to get through to him and want to take care of him, because he thinks he can do this himself and is afraid that people will use him if they know anything about him personally. On the other hand, it is true that once you have Hwan as a friend, he will surely be someone who secretly cares about you and is loyal and above all the best for you. Hwan is easily influenced because he has little structure in his life and is very much looking for it. Because of this, he is also a little naive, although he will not really believe everything you say. This is also because the boy is very pessimistic and certainly has no positive worldview.

Hwan will try to seem as nice as possible in front of cameras and people who aren't his group. The second they turn away from cameras Hwan will go back to being the moody and distant kid he is. Of course, he has people whom he trusts and to those, he will display a less moody and distant behavior. Officially known as the Maknae of the group, he will show a child-like, carefree personality when performing or around people who aren't the staff.

Mother: Seung Sooyun.

Father: Seung Suwoong.

Siblings: Seung Yun-Suk (Younger brother, 19), Seung Dae (Little sister, 17), Seung ChungAe (Older brother, 24)

Pets: Chul-Moo ( Poodle)

Friends: Unknown

Dialect: Yes, he sometimes unknowingly switches into dialect.

Sexual orientation: Unknown.

Likes: The rain, books, Silent places, Nature, Classical music.

DIslikes: A lot of sun, too cold drinks, non-hygienic people.

Pet Peeves: Making a "0" face, playing with his rings, biting his nails.


- He hates to be pitied.

- He is capable of playing the piano and violin.

- He is a highly intelligent, but closed of boy.

- His mother was a famous opera singer, as a young boy he'd sneak up backstage to watch her.

- He wanted to study Performing Arts but chose for Literature instead.

Hobby: At first sight maybe not expected of him, but Hwan is a prince behind the stove. The kitchen is his domain, and he does not want to have any nagging women or disturbing children in his neighborhood. It is not a hobby; more an activity because 'food has to be served on the table'. And since he stayed alone for most of his life, he had to take care of his own meals. He does not eat unkempt food on his plate; everything has to be perfect down to the smallest details. It is no wonder that most of the meals he makes look like they can be served in an expensive, fancy restaurant. He prefers to cook with meat or fish because this is something he did not often get himself.


1-5 years old.

Hwan, born in Cheonan to his parents Seung Sooyun and Seung Suwoong. As a baby, he was a silent one, Never making a fuss and crying wasn't something he did. When he got older that changed though. The older the small boy got the fussier he became. A tantrum twice a day became something normal in the Seung Household, his father, who once favored Hwan over his older brother decided in an instant he disliked the child.

6-10 years old.

When Hwan was in school he didn't have a lot of friends. The child would usually sit by himself somewhere in the shade. Enjoying the books he got to read. For his age, the small boy was very smart, His speaking was always as formal as you could expect from an eight-year-old.

11-15 years old.

For years the boy didn't make friends. Of course, there were always other children who saw him as their friend only because they talked to him and he said some words back. When he got older Hwan would talk more to others, thus getting him a few people who he considered to be friends. Not being the outgoing type he was opposed to joining a club. Until the vocal/ music club came along and the boy applied. His mother had learned him how to play the piano so he did have some music feel. Luckily Hwan was accepted into the club rather quickly, the already existing members of the club were all very honest when it came to complimenting him on his vocal skills. Of course, as unusual it felt for him to get compliments, the boy merely forced a smile to his lips and thanked the others. At age 15, after a few years of being in the music club, he started to feel like he wanted to do more with his singing. As if it was God's wish he found out that Skyline was having auditions. After having a good talk with his family (Read: His mother being more than happy her son chose for music, his siblings cheering and his father disapproving but wishing him the best) he applied for the audition. He had chosen for a song to show of his vocal abilities. And as if it was a miracle: he got in. Being one of the last to be added to Blue Bird, he got the official position of Maknae (being the youngest of the group), Lead Vocalist (He might be a bit jealous of the Main Vocalist) and Visual.

15-22 years old.

Even though Hwan doesn't admit it often: he's happy with the group he is in. Especially his members. it might seem like he couldn't care less, he's actually very fond of his Hyungs.

 Posted: May 16 2018, 02:46 PM
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