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 Oh Yian, 22 | Civilian | Bang Byungchan
Oh Yian
 Posted: Jan 11 2018, 07:48 PM
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Bang Byungchan (Chan)

Oh Yian
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  • 22
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  • Daejeon
  • 3. october 1995
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All Yian remembers about his childhood and early teen-years is the orphanage. It was his home and the other children were his family, even if he never felt that way. He was there, because he hadn’t another place to go. It wasn’t because he was treated badly by anyone or because he disliked being there. He loved the other children and adored most of the workers, it was rather something general about the place, that never made him feel at home. But maybe it was the jealousy he felt, whenever one of the children a new home. He was happy for them, but at the same time he wondered what it was, that made the parents chose the other kid, and not him. He didn’t know a thing about his parents, and why he was in the orphanage. Did they die? Was he an unwanted child? Of course, he liked to imagine they were still somewhere out there and he was living there only by mistake. No, this place never was a home for him. It was a temporary place to stay, nothing more or less. A home was a place you missed, when you stayed away, right? Yian never missed the orphanage.

It wasn’t his idea to run away I first place. He never was troublesome enough to come up with something like that – hell, he didn’t even dare to think about it. It was the boy he called Peter, that convinced him to go with him. He liked Peter, although he never knew too much about him, not even his age. He was older by maybe two or three years – he never figured out. He didn’t even figure out, if Peter was his real name, but that’s stuff he would wonder about later. Yian was 12 when they met for the first time. There was something about Peter, that fascinated Yian. Maybe it was the way he was always smiling, or the way he never seemed to lose energy. He never known. Peter talked a lot about his life on the street, but he never talked about how she ended up there. Not even after years being friends with him, Yian was told a thing about it. He was 15, when he finally decided to run away. He didn’t think he was going to be adopted at this age anyways; Most parents wanted a small child to adopt and not a teenager. Plus, Peter always made his life seem so much better that he would ever be able to have. It was clear, that they couldn’t stay in Daejeon. Even if Yian hadn’t school at this time, there would be people looking for him. Seoul was Peter’s idea. Yian didn’t know a thing about running away, so he was fine with anything, even if he was scared of leaving all these people behind he had only known so far.

Life on the street turned out much harder than he had imagined it. Soon, he had to realize it wasn’t all about fun and adventures, but rather about surviving. But he didn’t want to come back. It was hard to live like that, but something about Peter made him feel, like he had finally someone who cared for him. He doesn’t even know when the first boy joined them, there were so many of them, and they all loved Peter. They all loved him as Yian did and none of them ever questioned anything about him. Not why he disappeared sometimes for days, not how he always seemed to have a plan what to do and not where he always had the money for to spend on food. He was their leader, and they all followed him blindly. According to Peter, the money was stolen, and the little jobs were just things everyone did to survive on the street. They all were like Yian; No family and no one who would miss them. Over the years, he had seen many of them dying. Some got sick, others spoiled things with the wrong people and died. Only he stayed. And he felt proud about it, it made him feel special.

Yian changed a lot during his life on the street, yet still he never even questioned Peter. When it came to their little gang’s leader, he took things as they were. Peter’s group was his family and would always be, but outside them he didn’t care much about other people. He learned to steal and manipulate people the way he wanted to, because that’s how you survive on the street, right?

 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 06:45 PM
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