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dark star rapper nam hyuk collapses
on stage during world tour in mexico
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JUNE 2018
1st Ryu Sanggyun
2nd Kim Ae-Jeong
2nd Hong Sejun
4th Yook Ahyeon
9th Choi Se Eun
9th Sin Jeong-Rin
10th Ok Seungwoo
11th Kogami Reika
11th Jeon Yesung
11th Jeon Yerin
15th Jang Jimin
15th Mina Yang
16th Shao Jianyi
19th Choi Jaebum
25th Kimberly Jensen
25th Yang Saeran
28th Jana Oswald
28th Luca Hwang
28th Hwang Hyeyoung

21 • eme
harmony leader / main vocal
played by lavy

randomly cycles monthly

ashe (ahn miyeon)
vick woo entertainment
released as single
randomly cycles bi-weekly

SUMMER EVENT! 5/2 - 8/2
it's time for some fun in the sun! incredible is hosting its second event for south korea's summer festivals.

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 that means war!, ft. open
Io Pahng
 Posted: May 11 2018, 03:36 PM
© lavy [she/her] // Offline
22 posts
shark girl
nineteen years old
happily ever lonely
nancy mcdonie

'Go to that festival in Pohang!' they said. 'It'll be fun!' they said. 'You might see your favorite idols there!' they said. 'Mind your own business!' the girl barked back.
Yet she was here, alone, baffled by the sheer mass of people who wanted to have fun. Everyone who was around here. Everyone minus the girl who had decided to wear some long-sleeves today - which was, obviously, a bad decision.
Two and a half hours in the almost too cool train ... and now it was far too hot outside the place with not so fresh but at least cool air.
She could die. But Io would rather die than destroying her carefully chosen outfit. Trying to get some refreshment by a fan she bought at the first place she would find, she was eagerly trying to get some cool air towards her direction - why, for Heaven's sake, had she exchanged her cool room with some new album releases for ... this?
This ain't even fun.

Just as she walked along the crowded place, trying to avoid as much skinship and humans as possible (which was literally just impossible), then she felt something - refreshing behind her. Not ... behind her ... it was rather on her back. ... Wait ... it was wet. She freezed.
It took only few seconds before she realized she was hit by water, coming from a water gun. "This can't be your goddamn seriousness??" she yelled loud enough for the culprit to hear, turning around to spot the person and eagerly pushing her way to this death-marked human being. "Is your aiming that bad? Is it even legal to let you out with some stupid water gun?? How old are you, five?!-" And the rant went on and on and on ...
Maxwell Sun
 Posted: Jun 1 2018, 08:39 PM
© Pheli [she,her] // Offline
8 posts
17 years old
Lee Felix

Tag: @Io Pahng | 580 words

The first question would be 'how the hell did Max end up two hours away from Seoul in Pohang?'. The next would probably be 'why was he there??'. These were things that he asked himself as he stepped off the train by himself and gazed up at the sky and turned his head to take in the area surrounding him. The people, the place.... none of it familiar. Not a single person or thing. And that was...

Liberating... somehow. To be alone.

Well, he was often alone, but he wasn't really alone since he had the other boys in his 'family' to lean on, but... well, sometimes he just wanted to go out on his own. And besides, there was only enough fare for one person on that train ticket. He didn't know how he was going to get back to Seoul, but it probably would end up being the same way he came to possess that ticket. He'd find some person who wasn't paying attention and lift their wallet before they knew what was happening.

What if it didn't work? Well... guess he was stuck here until he scrounged up enough cash to get back. If he wanted to. The sudden appearance of his brother Mika, whom he hadn't seen in two years, left him a bit on edge. And he didn't know what to do about it. Was he supposed to just jump back into Mika's arms so they could be a Happy Family again? Not after Max ran away in the first place... there's no way that would work out...

So being in any city where his brother was right now was his preference. And seeing a poster for the fireworks festival in Pohang... it was an impulsive decision and was made only possible by the wallet he picked just an hour before, which had a stingy amount of cash, but a fully loaded commuter pass. So obviously, he had to blow the whole thing on taking a 'personal day'.

However it happened, however he got there, Max found himself lost in a crowd of people indifferent to a boy of his size. It was, as usual, annoying... but there were also plenty of people leaving themselves way too open for getting something 'lost'. Though as he was being shuffled around, he somehow made his way to a crowd of kids at one of the gaming tents. And from there, he somehow found himself with a water-gun in hand. And from there, he somehow found himself now trying to defend himself against the streams of water shooting towards him from the other child-players.

So obviously, the natural instinct was to just shoot back. Shoot back and chase. Get them in the face, in the back of the head, shoot 'em in the crotch! Heh, he was a pretty good shot, Max imagined he'd be decent with a real gun given the chance.

So caught up in the fight and the game, Max wasn't really paying attention anymore to who he was shooting once he refilled his water-gun, and nailed some chick in the back with a generous stream of water. When she turned around with that ogre-like glower on her face, Max didn't even step back in a recoil. He simply grinned like a brat. "Shut up, you ugly bitch!" he countered, and not a moment later, shot her again. In the face.

Yup, he was an excellent shot.

Reflected in the mirror
I’m a maze. My insides are reflected in my mirror, no... Where can I find it? For once I wish I could see myself, I keep looking for it. I don’t even know who I am. I just did as I was told in the memories. What is the path I must go on? Don’t ask, just run first...
Io Pahng
 Posted: Jun 10 2018, 01:05 PM
© lavy [she/her] // Offline
22 posts
shark girl
nineteen years old
happily ever lonely
nancy mcdonie

Io, as self-proclaimed and generally proven coach potato, wasn't really picky about her appearance - in the end, she tried her best not to look like she hadn't left the house for three days (which was sometimes, to be honest, just the case), and she had a decent style, however.
It wasn't like she would really mind in case her clothes got dirty.
But of course, a good rule always had one or more exceptions.
The first one was that she wasn't in a good mood in first place.
The second one was being shot right in the back, without having the least to do with such childish things as a water gun battle.
The third one - and this was the most important - was being called an ugly bitch.
As said, she wasn't primarily vain - but now, facing the other person, listening to his voice, having his words on listen-on-repeat ... perhaps, she was a little bit vain.

Or furious.
Instinctively closing her eyes tight, she couldn't avoid to get an entire load of water into her face. Standing still, she was already swearing in her mind during the midst of being attacked, and slowly ... yeah, there was the urge to possess a Death Note right now.
Opening her eyes as the attack stopped, she realized she could spare a Death Note. She would be a Death Scythe on her own.

She already felt some blackish traces of her very light eye make-up running down her cheeks, cursing herself for even using make-up (it was so useless in the end) and even using some cheap not-waterproof stuff she found somewhere.
Wiping the water out of her face (and indeed ruining her face even more), the girl hadn't much time to care about this before already stepping to that stupid little brat-
-oh, she would teach him who she was.
"ALRIGHT YOU STUPID TINY JERK OF A GNOME-" she couldn't help but to yell at that not-so-much-taller person, her hands reaching out in fury, perhaps ready to struggle this existence to mere death - one could say that Io looked indeed terrifying now, her hair partly wet, her face decorated with black lines, her eyes in anger. It was for sure that she wouldn't let it simply pass by.
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