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 Gabrielle Choi, 19 | EME | Jeon Somi
Gabrielle Choi
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 01:34 PM
© jambii [she/her] // Offline
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Gab / Gabbie
19 years old
jeon somi
Idol EME

  • gabby
  • 19
  • she/her
  • jeju island
  • august 13
  • EME
  • 5'7"
  • 48kg
  • leo
tw: slight mention of bullying

From a young age, Gabbie already knew what she wanted to do when she got older. She wanted to become a performer like the people she saw on TV. Born in Jeju Island, she lived in the wealthier side of town due to her father's business ventures that, frankly speaking, were more of a hobby than for actual wealth. Everything else was just a big bonus, according to him. He wanted Gabbie to learn about it, to become his partner in crime when it came to anything business-related because, although they were in the upper-middle class or lower-upper class (it honestly depended on his mood), he wanted his children to become successful entrepreneurs when they got older, something that Gabbie didn't agree with entirely. No, she wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry.

Singing was something that Gabbie loved to do, even as a child. It became clear that she had quite the set of lungs, often surprising everyone around her. She joined small singing competitions, and she became quite the hot topic. Majority of everyone there knew who she was or had heard her sing to some extent. She was even shoved into the local choir just because her parents thought it would be a great way for her to put her voice to use. She was even dubbed as "Little Mama Mary" by the older ladies around town because she looked just like the perfect little angel back then, all round eyes and being in the local choir.

Even though she received some affection from the older generations, kids her age didn't like the way she looked so different from them, stemming from the union between an American and a Korean. No, she was bullied relentlessly, often being called as a half-breed, or a mixed pitbull. She couldn't do anything about it except cry in her room. She couldn't tattle to anyone else because the bullying got worse with every kid that got scolded. It had been hell. She was always picked on, even at school. It even got to the point that young Gabbie nearly fell into depression because of it.

Somehow, she landed into martial arts. That, singing, and the birth of her baby sister managed to stop Gabbie from literally jumping into the depression club. She found something else to pour all her attention to, and the time not spent singing and training, she was spending time with the younger Choi. In fact, little baby Choi could do no wrong in Gabbie's eyes, and she just wanted to protect her little sister from the horrors of the world. It also helped that the other kids started to avoid her. In her little TaeKwonDo journey, she got invited to train with a mixed martial arts gym in Seoul. Without a second thought, her father uprooted the entire family and moved to Seoul just so his baby girl could practice the sport she'd grown attached to.

She didn't give up her dream of performing though. Little Gabbie continued to sing her heart out, and she figured, why not audition for K-Pop Star 2015? And so she tried her hand at gambling, auditioning even when she had no formal training, just a long long list of song covers from the moment she could read properly. It felt like a joke when she passed, because who ever thought a small island girl would actually get to pass it? The catch was that she was encouraged to pair up with another singer who they thought lacked something. Gabbie had no problems with it, she just wanted to see how far her singing could take her, and she herself would admit that her singing wasn't at a hundred percent. Heck, she didn't even expect to pass auditions.

It had been a struggle at first, working with Jihun. Her personality was a bit different from his, her genre of music was way different from his. All in all, she thought she was done for when she found out how different they were. Surprisingly, their differences made for an interesting mix. She had to admit that Jihun was extremely talented. She couldn't compose a poem without busting a few brain cells in an effort to not make it sound too childish, let alone an entire song. As time passed by, it became clear that Jihun was becoming one of her closest friends, if not her best friend. It was funny how their experiences on the show bonded the both of them together. Funnier still was when they actually won the entire thing.

Everything was just a blur afterwards, with them signing on to EME and then finally getting to debut as Heartstrings. It just felt like a giant reward for all the years of putting up with the bullying, and somehow, she managed to achieve her dream, albeit in a different manner than she'd originally intended to. Now, she's looking forward to what the journey of being an idol may bring. She had her best friend by her side and the people who mattered. What else could she ask for?

Gabbie is more of a kookie person, often making other people laugh in the process. Her personality is pretty much a blend of having two cultures in the house, mostly with her leaning towards the Western kind. She's rather fearless, and a little bold, and loves to take on challenges with everything she's got. She even has a little grit underneath the sweet smile and the puppy eyes.

In line with that, she hates acting cute. In fact, acting cute hasn't really been in her dictionary until she came on K-Pop Star and some other contestant advised her to do it just so she could garner more votes from the male population, or something along those lines.

She's really insecure about her looks in the sense that she was bullied as a kid because of it. She's not exactly proud of her biracial nature and the way it's pretty clear on her features that she isn't a hundred percent Korean.

She also has an inferiority complex despite having won K-Pop Star. She feels that she doesn't pull her weight when it comes to singing their songs, hence she works hard just so she can "make up" for the things she lacks because she really thinks that Jihun's compositions are the bomb and she wants to give them justice.

Despite being very outgoing, Gabbie has some difficulty in showing her emotions. It's something that has been ingrained in her the moment she realized she couldn't go to anyone for help when it came to dealing with the bullying going on in her childhood years. The only one she's ever confided to the most is Jihun, to be honest.

 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 02:41 PM
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