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 SHIN JAEHYUN, 24 | sle idol | park yuri
Shin Jaehyun
 Posted: Jan 11 2018, 05:15 PM
© winter [he/him] // Offline
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24 years old
park yuri
Idol SLE

  • ethic
  • 24
  • he/him
  • august 7, 1993
  • IDOL
  • 5'10 (178cm)
  • 63kg
  • leo
Born in Mapo-gu, Seoul, Jae would be raised a city kid through and through. He'd grow accustomed to the sound of horns echoing in the distance, the laughs and yells of drunks at the later hours of the night, and the absence of emptiness. Loneliness was another thing. People from the city understood how easy it was to be surrounded by a half-million people and still be alone. But those feelings and thoughts wouldn't plague Jaehyun until much later in life.

He was a bright boy, and being born into a modest family that did enough to live comfortably was more than they could hope for. While his looks were admired by the friend's of his parents, they were most proud of his brain. While every parent was typically proud, they felt he was their ticket to leading generations of success. In retrospect, Jae figured it was just those caught in a rat-race trying to find their way out--or trying to find something substantive about their time alive.

While a big brain often had the conclusion of a productive profession: doctor, profession, scientist, government official; Jae found other passions. As a kid, with nothing to challenge him, he dove into learning on his own. In the city, it was easy to find other subjects to win you over, and for him it was hip-hop. From the dancing to the rapping, the culture fascinated him, and the first time he tried his hand at lyricism invoked an epiphany. From that period onwards, he experienced his own micro-Renaissance, absorbing the culture and finding a passion with it. Even as a youth there were many complex thoughts in his head, but now he had a medium to tell them. And by 2005 he joined the underground hip-hop group project, metα.

Without hardships of his own, most of Jae's ideas derived from television and film. He'd indirectly experience events through American media, an escape from the material he grew up around--it was stale to him. Love, angst, death, addiction, hate, happiness were all themes he experienced through the film, and he did his best to sympathize in his writing. Mature thoughts for an adolescent boy, though it helped him keep a bouncy and impish personality on the outside. People able to write out his emotions let him walk without the burden on his shoulders.

Leave it to actual experience to give him true inspiration. Maybe it was out of his own desire for empathy, but at a certain point he opened himself up to a dangerous situation. His talents in the underground community got him noticed, and soon he convinced his parents to let him become a trainee at SLE; who were they to prohibit him? In their eyes he was still proof that they had done good in this life. They thought the world of him and his ability to succeed, and it allowed him to jump into danger with little resistance. Thankfully, he was talented enough to make a name for himself, and soon that daring nature and desire to explore the different avenues of the physical, emotional, and mental world had drew the attention of another girl, Lee Sooyeon. Again, he blamed his desire to be able to empathize with adoration and affection, but as he looked back, maybe he really did just like her.

And what wasn't there to like? She was pretty, and a talented dancer, and most importantly, she liked him. There was nothing quick about it, and instead they'd enjoy each others company for the most part. Whether she was just as bold or just easy to convince, she followed him as he bent the rules around them. It's how the group he grew up in did things, delinquents to an extent, but he would only push the limit to allow himself to explore and experience. The more they hung out, the more he noticed himself and the others rubbing off on her. So when it came time, he pulled her up on stage beside him, fully trusting his unintentional experiment to work. Jae couldn't tell if she was a natural, but if she wasn't, then she was a damned good learner.

But periods of infatuation pass, especially at an early age, and while they avoided getting caught for the better, they'd drift apart as quickly as they got close. She debuted before him, and he found himself desiring more of the world. While she debuted, he appealed to the company, and he attended university in New York. During that time, he produced and still proved productive to SLE, all while advancing his own skills. With metα now under the SLE label, his group was able to produce songs and an album despite his local absence. The degree he went for wasn't important to him, but he left NYU with a major in English and a whole new perspective and personality. His true intention was to dive more into the American roots of hip-hop, and he got close with the culture.

Jaehyun returned to Korea, making an official debut as Ethic, though by his constant work during the last six years had made fans believe metα were already a true group. Still, with this return came with a new image and a desire for success through his own means.

 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 12:46 PM
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