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 ( 7th sense ), wanted: nct kim jungwoo
Noh Changsun
 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 07:51 PM
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what even is making pretty want ads ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

this is short n sweet and easy. i hope. the face ain't negotiable rn but i can be flexible on some other details.

jungwoo (name is just for the ad) is a student at K-Arts (click me for info) which is the university Changsun is applying to study at. He's a major film nerd and is currently interning with EME in their film production department (he helped with the filming and editing of their recent MVs!). Jungwoo can either be a student who's already been at the university a year or two, or he can be a freshman along with Changsun but I would ask that he's older than Changsun (at least a year or so, so that Chan can call him hyung :3).

his personality and history is largely open to whoever takes him, but i would ask that he would at least be someone chan can become close to, a good friend and supportive hyung. he really needs more friends sobs. if they were freshmen together, they could even room together! also, his attitude towards same sex couples can be up to whoever takes him as well but changsun has a crush on his friend dawson atm and they're gonna end up dating in the future.

i guess thats about it!

Feel free to PM me on my main account (@Kang Sungu) or hit me up on discord teddy#0015 if you're interested!

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