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 Rules, Mandatory reading
 Posted: Jan 4 2016, 11:43 PM
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Last updated: April 09, 2018

this list of rules is not exhaustive. as the site develops, the staff may see it necessary to add, modify, or remove rules. some situations may need to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. as such, the admins reserve the right to manage misconduct or other circumstances as they see fit for the integrity of our site and the safety & comfort of our members.

  • don't be a jerk. the cbox is a public space where all members can interact in a friendly, inclusive environment. we're all here to have fun, after all! unkind or inappropriate behaviors will be moderated accordingly.

  • keep the language in the cbox PG-13. the cbox is the first place that people see when visiting, and is considered an inclusive and public space that is not suitable for heavy, overly sexual, and controversial topics.

  • do not bring personal drama into the cbox. if you are having problems with another member, or if you feel uncomfortable with a topic being discussed, then please contact an admin and they will gladly help you sort it out.

  • do not speak of other rp boards in the cbox, which includes mentioning them by name or discussing plots or characters on other sites.

  • while plotting with other members is highly encouraged, please keep plotting to a minimum in the cbox. you may take it to PM, shippers, or offsite contact so as to not clutter the cbox with excluding discussion.

  • be courteous to everyone who stops by the site, from fellow members to guests, and do not intentionally leave anyone out. respect other people's boundaries and wishes.

  • do not pester people for replies, within or outside of the cbox. everyone works at their own pace, and we are not a rapid-fire site by any means. if a month has passed without acknowledgment or a reply from the other person, feel free to politely inquire about their interest in the thread outside of the cbox.

  • swearing is permitted both OOC and IC, but don't be excessive, especially in the cbox - and do note that slurs and discrimination of any kind while out of character are not tolerated.

  • we have jcink premium & are a mature-rated site. you may only register if you are 18 years or older.

  • while mature content is permitted everywhere else around the site, please remember the content rating in the cbox is pg-13, and the language and content you bring into the cbox should be appropriately restricted.

  • characters or face claims under the age of 18 cannot participate in mature threads. please fade to black or avoid threading such material altogether.

  • all threads, both IC and OOC, that contain highly sexual, violent, or otherwise triggering content in graphic detail should be accordingly labeled in the thread's title:

      [TW] for Trigger Warning, for threads which contain sensitive, triggering, or controversial content.
      [M] for Mature, for sexually explicit threads.
      [G] for Gore, for threads which describe highly graphic/violent injury.

  • regardless of whether or not it is already labeled as a mature thread, do not put vulgar or overly suggestive content in the title of your thread. a staff member may ask you to change the title if it's deemed inappropriate.

  • if your character application contains sensitive or triggering content, please also label it accordingly at the beginning of your application (i.e. "self-harm warning", "eating disorder warning", etc).

  • if you have questions about how or if something should be labeled, contact a staff member and they will help you.

  • there is no real OOC activity requirement, but chatting in the cbox and socializing with your fellow members is highly encouraged. we'd all love to get to know you, so don't feel shy!

  • our official IC activity requirement is to post at least one IC post every 2 months on all of your characters. development, plot, or communication posts do not count. failure to do so will result in your offending account(s) being declared inactive, your claim(s) will be cleared and available once more, and your app(s) will be archived.

  • in addition to posting at least once every 2 months, there is an activity sweep that takes place every 2 months, a week from the 1st of the following month. you will be required to post in an activity check thread in order to save your characters. you will find these posted in the announcement forum.

  • you can be granted a 5-day extension or be excused from the sweep only up to two times in a row. this is only if you specifically request an extension or pardon from the staff. after the second time, staff will contact you to discuss a course of action.

  • if you have posted a leave of absence regarding your activity circumstances, then your accounts and claims will be kept as is. do note that leaves of absence are only valid for up to one month after their time of posting. if you have not returned before then, or if you have not warned an admin in advance, then your accounts and claims will be removed.

  • register with your character's name in proper casing – first letters capitalized – in the native format of your character’s name. if they are western, then register First Last; if they are east asian, then register Last First. if you mess up, don’t stress about it – an admin can help you out.

  • OOC accounts are for staff only. if we see an OOC account, it will be deleted asap.

  • fill out your profile (settings > edit profile info/edit avatar settings) asap. the required fields to be filled out are from "your name" to "application link". you must also give your character an avatar and profile gif. however, the remaining fields "talk bubble" and "shipper link" are optional. character nickname may also be excluded if your character does not have one.

  • if you need help putting together a korean name, you can refer to this page for korean surnames and this page for korean first names.

  • if you are new to jcink, please view this guide for basic information about this host.

  • each character should have their own account. if you'd like to link all of your accounts together to switch between them with ease, you can find instructions in the FAQ.

  • if you have 3 or more characters and wish to create another, you must have at least two in-character posts (development, communication, and plot posts are not counted) on all of your current characters before making a new one.

  • as of dec 31, 2017, the maximum amount of characters you may have is 33. however, there are no character restrictions in regards to gender, career, company, etc. but please take the current ratios into account when making a character and try to keep things balanced.

applying and fc's
  • applications must be completed within seven days; if you need to request an extension, talk to an admin. face claim reservations also last for a maximum of seven days. again, you may request an extension if needed. additional information about the application can be found in the template thread.

  • as aforementioned, remember to fill out your character's profile. staff will not finish reviewing your application if it is not complete.

  • after acceptance, you must fill out your character claims which include the face claim, the addition of the character to your member directory entry, and your character's canon entry if applicable. optional claims are the relationship tracker, the job claim, and the birthday claim.

  • please respect the face claim's race/ethnicity in the creation of your character. for example: if the face claim is korean, then the character should be korean or, in the very least, half-korean. you will be asked to modify your character if you neglect the face claim's identity. if this detail is not immediately apparent (i.e. your character with a korean fc has an english name, but they are still half-korean), then please be sure to make it clear in your application.

  • non-korean face claims are 100% allowed; don't feel discouraged against using one just because the setting is in seoul. however, do be aware that non-asian faces are not commonly seen in the korean entertainment scene.

  • we have a 10+/10- rule, meaning your character can be 10 years older or 10 years younger than the PB’s age at most. face claims or characters under the age of thirteen are not permitted.

  • do not use any deceased persons as a face claim. this applies to face claims of all ethnic groups, not only south korean.

  • identical twins are allowed in moderation. please let an administrator know beforehand if you are making identical twin characters with another person so that we are aware when you reserve their face claims. identical triplets or more are not permitted.

  • please view this list given by cttw of instagram/youtube celebs that have expressed their wish to not be used for RP purposes.

  • avatars are 210x350 and gifs are 100x100. avatars and profile gifs resize automatically. if you want to resize them yourself and you do not have an editing program, online editing apps such as pixlr are recommended. both static and gif icons are permitted in the cbox, but do not use flashing/very quickly moving gifs.

  • please try to use quality images for both your application and avatar/gif or signatures so that the face claim's features are apparent.

  • please do NOT host your images on in order to abide by their ToS (read here for more information.)

  • signatures and thread templates should be a maximum of 500px in width to avoid stretching the board.

  • you are welcome, but not required, to use a template for your posts. you may also use our [post] tags (indicated by the POST button above the thread input box) for a quick and simple template to use.

  • use a readable, well-sized font face & color in your templates. no less than 10px on the font, please. if you are unsure of how to do this, please ask a staff member.

word count and posting
  • there is no official word count, but please respect your partner and do not post one-liners; give them something adequate to reply to.

  • do not powerplay, godmod, etc. without discussing it with your partner first.

  • default is third-person, past-tense, but if all parties in a thread agree, other tenses can be used.

  • some of our members' first language is not english – please be respectful of this.

  • remember to tag your partner(s) in your replies as well. you can do so by @ing them with their account's full name in brackets.
      ex. @[Cha Hakyeon]

  • also remember to appropriately label all threads with mature or triggering content with a [M] or [TW].

Please do not PM this account, if you need help contact AJ, Cody, or Ophelia, ty! ♥
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