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2nd Cerise Zhang
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5th Lee Kyueun
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10th Cha Junhoe
12th Miyamoto Haruki
14th Xie Baozhi
14th Song Xiao Ming
15th Dang Byungjoon
15th Go Sungmi
17th Fancy Adams
17th Im Wonsik
20th Oh Dong-Suk
21st Evelyn Maeng
22nd Park Inseong
30th Seon Minhee

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 Jobs claim, optional
 Posted: Jan 6 2016, 03:43 PM
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jobs claim
It is simple, just reply below with the code given saying what does your character does for a living!

[*]<b>Character's name</b> works as <i>job here</i>

  • Ahn Miyeon works as soloist
  • Aiden Park works as manager
  • Anna Roberts works as Choreographer
  • Aurelius Kang works as Idol (Eventide)
  • Choi Ramelan works as Model
  • Citrine Delacroix works as Fashion Model
  • Elizabeth Ahn works as Jewelry Designer & Fashion Model
  • Endo Itsuki works as Actor (Film & TV)
  • Hae Minji works as Idol (D. Light)
  • Hak Yumin works as Idol (Dark Star)
  • Im Jieun works as stunt double
  • Isla Baek works as Idol (Posse)
  • Jean Lee works as Runway male model
  • Jeon Yerin works as Idol (Minx)
  • Jeon Yesung works as trainee
  • Jung Jisoo works as actress
  • Juno Seong works as Idol (Generation Mania)
  • Kang Shin-young works as Idol (Dark Star)
  • Kim Deul works as Idol (Generation Mania)
  • Kim Hyunwoo works as Idol (Dark Star)
  • Kimberly Jensen works as Idol (MINX)
  • Kwon JiaEr works as Idol (Eventide)
  • Lee Haru works as makeup artist
  • Lee Yoonjung works as Idol/Solo Artist
  • Lin Zhuyang works as a makeup/hair stylist
  • Lucie Anastas works as Fashion designer/stylist
  • Ma Zhengguo works as Idol (Dark Star)
  • Min Taehee works as Idol (Dynamite 7)
  • Min Taeshik works as Idol (Quicksilver)
  • Nam Hyuk works as Idol (Dark Star)
  • Nam Junyoung works as Actor (TV & Film)
  • Nam Yujin works as Idol (MINX)
  • Oh Dong-Suk works as Idol (Dynamite 7)
  • Oh Yoonyi works as Model
  • Peng Xinji wors as manager for Ahn Miyeon (Ashe)
  • Park Min-So works as actor
  • Park Hyejin works as Idol (Posse)
  • Park Wonjae works as Idol (Quicksilver)
  • Phoenix Ahn works as VWE Stylist
  • Qui Eunhyuck works as Caterer
  • Sakai Kaoru works as Stylist
  • Seong Minhyuk works as Idol (Generation Mania)
  • Shin Jisung works as Manager
  • Shin Jongmoon works as Idol (Dynamite 7)
  • Song Sarang works as Idol (MINX)
  • Song Shiyoon works as actor
  • Swan Song works as Idol (Eventide)
  • Uehara Naozumi works as Stage Combat Consultant
  • Yang Saeyoung works as Idol (Eventide)
  • Yeon DongGun works as Line Producer
  • Yoon Doyoon works as Idol (Generation Mania)
  • Youn Eunsol works as Idol
  • Ahn Minsun works as Idol (Sky High)
  • Ahn Mugyul works as Manager (On Kwangjin)
  • Ariel Kang works as model/novelist
  • Ashley Son works as Idol & Fashion Model
  • Brad Ravenwood works as Idol (Sky High)
  • Cha Aeri works as soloist trainee
  • Cha Junhoe works as Idol (Horizon)
  • Chae Hyorin works as CEO of Sky Line
  • Choi Jaebum works as Backup Dancer (SLE)
  • Dang Byungjoon works as Idol (Horizon)
  • Darcy Wu works as Idol (Current)
  • Fancy Adams works as Idol (Sky High)
  • Felix Cho works as Idol Trainee
  • Feng Yue works as Idol (Sky High)
  • Gabriel Hwang works a a background dancer
  • Han YunSeok works as Soloist/Songwriter
  • Jasper Reid works as Idol (Current)
  • Jeon Mingyu works as Idol (Bluebird)
  • Jesse Lim works as model
  • Joseph Seo works as TV/Film Actor
  • Jung Hyerin works as Model
  • Jung Jieun works as Idol (Heartline)
  • Kang Sungu works as Idol (August Sun)
  • Ki Minkyu works as Idol (Sky High)
  • Kim Youngsoo works as actor
  • Kwon Wonwoo works as Idol (Bluebird)
  • Lee Kyueun works as Idol (Heartline)
  • Lee Sooyeon works as Idol (Faction)
  • Liu Yin works as atrainee
  • Luca Hwang works as Idol (Sky High)
  • Min Jihoon works as idol (Current)
  • Nam Jia works as Idol (Faction)
  • On Kwangjin works as TV/Film Actor
  • Park Juri works as stylist
  • Pyo Yongin works as Idol (Horizon)
  • Rebecca Rosewood works as trainee
  • Ryu Sanggyun works as idol
  • Seo Jihun works as Idol (Horizon)
  • Serena Hong-Abbott works as Idol/Solo Artist
  • Seung Hwan works as Idol (Bluebird)
  • Shao Jianyi works as Idol (Current)
  • Shim Joyeon works as Trainee (Golden Days)
  • Shin Jaehyun works as rapper
  • Song Xiao Ming works as Idol (Faction)
  • Uhm Gunhee works as Idol (Current)
  • Wei Jieliu works a backup dancer
  • Won Taeyong works as Idol (Sky High)
  • Woo Taesik works as manager (Heartline)
  • Xiao Lan works as Idol (Sky High)
  • Yook Ahyeon works as trainee
  • Yook Hanbin works as Idol (Sky High)
  • Yoon 'Jason' Jaesun works as Idol Trainee
  • Yu Okyung works as Manager (August Sun)
  • Zhao He works as Idol Trainee
  • Ahn Hyunjae works as Idol (Mayhem)
  • Ahn Taeyeon works as Idol (Harmony)
  • Art Hong works as Solo Artist
  • Bae Yongkook works as Idol (Mayhem)
  • Bang Minseok works as Idol (Mayhem)
  • Boo Haenam works as Choreographer
  • Don Seungyeon works as Idol (Mayhem)
  • Eren Koh works as scenography intern
  • Eun Kiho works as dance instructor
  • Go Sungmi works as Idol (Aphrodite)
  • Guo Aejun works as Idol Trainee
  • Han Nabi works as Idol (Aphrodite)
  • Hwang Hyeyoung works as Idol (Harmony)
  • Im Jihun works as Idol (Heartstrings)
  • Joo Donghyuk works as Language Coach
  • Kim Ae-Jeong works as clothing stylist
  • Lucius Tien works as Idol Trainee
  • Moon Namyoung works as Idol Trainee
  • Noh Changsun works as Intern (Production)
  • Ong Sooki works as Idol (Harmony)
  • Ryu Seulbi works as stylist
  • Seo Ahin works as Idol (Aphrodite)
  • Seon Minhee works as Idol (Harmony)
  • Shin Hwayoung works as Idol (Aphrodite)
  • Theodore Hong works as Idol (Mayhem)
  • Xie Baozhi works as Trainee

Please do not PM this account, if you need help contact AJ, Cody, or Ophelia, ty! ♥
 Posted: May 28 2017, 05:52 PM
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  • Ahn Jicheol works as Idol (Zodiac)
  • Bae Seohyun works as Soloist
  • Baek Jaemi works as university student
  • Ban Soojin works as an idol (MAZE)
  • Bang Joodae works as Idol (VICTORY)
  • Cerise Zhang works as Rapper & waitress
  • Cha Bora works as Talent Manager
  • Charlotte Choi works as singer/rapper/dancer
  • Cho Jaerin works as Idol (Victory)
  • Choi Yoonsup works as Rapper
  • Eden Ueda works as Gay Adult Film Actor
  • Evelyn Maeng works as North Star Media trainee
  • Guk Song Joon works as television personality/host/MC
  • Heo Joon works as Songwriter
  • Im Seojin works as Idol (Flower Road)
  • Jana Oswald works as musical performer
  • Jang Hee Joon works as Independent Artist
  • Jang Jimin works as adult films actor
  • Jeremy Maeng works as Street performer/student
  • Kazio Wójcik works as adult-fetish model
  • Kwon Haesol works as rapper
  • Kwon Yeoreum works as rapper / label owner / radio show host
  • Lee Junghwa works as Comedian / MC
  • Lim Nayoung works as idol (M.A.Z.E)
  • Micah Taylor works as Model
  • Min Taeim works as Idol (VICTORY)
  • Mina Yang works as soloist
  • Miyamoto Haruki works as Idol (Zodiac)
  • Oriel Singh works as Burlesque Performer
  • Quentin Myung works as Conception Artist (W&M Ent)
  • Seo Jihye works as indie soloist
  • Valentine Oh works as Idol (Flower Road)
  • Yang Saeran works as Idol (VICTORY)
  • Yoo Jinyong works as Idol (Zodiac)
  • Arai Souma works as manuscript translator
  • Elijah Moon works as Radio DJ
  • Io Pahng works as Arirang intern & music blogger
  • Luna Doe works as Drama Script Writer
  • Okasaka Haruka works as Writer
  • Ōtani Minami works as Youtuber & pro gamer
  • Sakai Kenta works as a freelance journalist
  • Sato Jin works as Mukbang BJ & Food Blogger
  • Sun Taegil works as a broadcast station intern
  • Yang Ilhoon works as Weather Announcer
  • Ahn Baekho works as crime scene investigator
  • Baek Seonghan works as law student
  • Bing Yoomi works as Yoga Instructor
  • Camille Han works as soon assistant on a fashion magazine
  • Cha Min-Ho works as Librarian
  • Cha Nari works as patissier
  • Cha Woojin works as Kindergarten Teacher
  • Choi Dowoon works as university student & tteokbokki shop help
  • Choi Jiho works as police officer
  • Chu Jaemun works as florist
  • Dawson Cha works as Student/Radio DJ
  • Ezekiel Moon works as Physical Therapist
  • Go Sungmin works as Shaman/Bookstore Owner
  • Gong Chanmi works as fansite master
  • Han Mireu works as loan shark
  • Han Sungjae works as auto mechanic
  • Heo Younggam works as Escort/Bookkeeper
  • Hwang Noa works as high school student
  • Im Jieun works as nursing student
  • Jackson Heo works as head cook
  • James "Jem" Carroway works as student
  • Jeon Moonsik works as Choreographer
  • Jin Taehyun works as petty crook
  • Jung Muhyun works as Pickpocket/Thief/Crook
  • Kaga Miyuki works as ice skater
  • Kang Bomi works as florist
  • Kang Chihoon works as Student
  • Kim Dawon works as police officer-in-training
  • Kim Hansol works as Professional LOL player
  • Kim Minhyuk works as Gang member
  • Kitianna Robledo works as Unemployed/Dealer
  • Kogami Reika works as head director/choreographer at Moonlight Studios
  • Kwon Yohan works as Professional LOL Player
  • Lee Boin works as Choreographer
  • Lee Hyunmi works as Translator/Webtoon Artist
  • Lee Naeun works as Personal Assistant
  • Lee Seohaeng works as Professional LOL Player
  • Liang Xuefan works as HS student/bodyguard
  • Maxwell Sun works as pickpocket/petty thief
  • Mercy King works as busker
  • Min Sowon works as KNB ballerina & student
  • Moon Nanhee works as student & ballerina
  • Na Kyeongho works as Baker's apprentice/Delivery boy
  • Nam Hyeri works as convenience store night shift attendant
  • Nam Hyeri works as dog cafe manager
  • Nam Hyeri works as part-time university student
  • Nam Soojin works as Business Administration student
  • Noh Jiwoo works as high school teacher
  • Oscar Park works as Student (Korea University)
  • Park Haneul works as freelance AV technician/programmer
  • Park Inseong works as an arquitect student
  • Park Yuna works as high school student
  • Robin Song works as Cookie Dough Shop Baker
  • Rue Janggok works as Therapist
  • Rune Seong works as dance instructor at Moonlight Studios
  • Ryu Byeongu works as Ballet Dancer
  • Ryu Noeul works as undercover police
  • Sato Kei works as Student/Baker
  • Shin Minsun works as a fansite master
  • Sin Taekwoon works as Ice Skating Coach
  • Son Jaehwan works as high school student
  • Son Eunha works as gang hacker, mechanic & inventor
  • Sun Jaeil works as Gang Cleaner/Sharpshooter
  • Sun Jimin works as Drag Queen/Performer
  • Uehara Sora works as HS Student
  • Wang Liling works as Photographer
  • Yoon "Jake" Jaegyu works as board game cafe owner
  • Zion Chu works as spa owner/adult film actor
  • Zuko Lee works as Student/Radio DJ

Please do not PM this account, if you need help contact AJ, Cody, or Ophelia, ty! ♥
Do Cheolsoo
 Posted: Yesterday at 06:23 pm
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[*]<b>Do Cheolsoo</b> works as <i>Celebrity Chef</i>
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