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 artist claim, mandatory for artists
 Posted: Aug 1 2017, 07:18 PM
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artist claim
  • You are not claiming individual songs, but an entire artist. If you claim BoA, then you are claiming all releases that BoA has made in her career.
  • Do not use the same artist name as the real artist. Please create an original name for your character/group. However, you are welcome to either keep or change the titles of the artist's discography.
  • One artist per character.
      Exception: if the character is a solo artist, and their original claim has not had a release for an extended period of time, they may take on a second claim, as approved by staff on a case-by-case basis.
  • Unless it is being claimed for the character(s) in the respective group, you cannot claim solo or sub-unit acts associated with a group artist.
      ex. Jungkook's solo songs in BTS's albums may not be claimed by any other but a member of Horizon, and the sub-unit VIXX LR may not be claimed for any characters outside of Dark Star. However, the solo career of VIXX's Ravi may be claimed by anyone, because it is not directly associated with any VIXX releases.
  • You may reserve an artist for your character at any time, even if you do not plan on having your character(s) immediately debut at the time of claiming.
  • Admins reserve the right to reject a claim if it breaks any of the above rules or if it is deemed unsuitable for the character/group. If you have questions about claiming, please contact an administrator.



B1A4 Bluebird
Block B Dynamite 7
BTS Horizon
DAY6 Generation Mania
EXID Posse
EXO Current
f(x) D.Light
Girl's Day Faction
Girls' Generation Cosmos
GOT7 Quicksilver
HOMME August Sun
KNK Shadows


Mamamoo Lotto Love
OH MY GIRL Aphrodite
Red Velvet Heartline
SHINee X-Force
TWICE Harmony
VIXX Dark Star
VIXX LR Nam Hyuk/Hwang Seon

solo acts


Agust D (Min Yoongi) Seo Jihun
Bae Suzy Youn Eunsol
Byun Baekhyun Jasper Reid
Crush (Shin Hyoseob) Jang Hee Joon
DEAN (Kwon Hyuk) Sojourn (Kyeon Seojun)
Def Soul (Lim Jaebeom) Shin Jongmoon
Eric Nam Andrew Lee
Han Sanghyuk Kang Shinyoung
IU (Lee Jieun) Song Ahri
JAMIE PARK Charlotte Choi
Jessica Jung Ashley Son
J-hope (Jung Hoseok) Gao Xavier
Jung Eunji Lee Yoonjung
Kim Jaejoong Nakahara Rin
Kim JongHyun Kwon JiaEr
Kim Taeyeon Yoo Chaewon
Lay (Zhang Yixing) Shao Jianyi
Lee Jooheon Im Wonsik
Lee Taeil Han Yunseok


Mino (Song Minho) Bang Joodae
N (Cha Hakyeon) Hak Yumin
One (Jung Jaewon) Jeon Yesung
PUNCHNELLO (Lee Youngsin) Choi Yoonsup
Ravi (Kim Wonsik) Nam Hyuk
Shannon Williams Rebecca Rosewood
South Club (Nam Taehyun) Losing Streak (Yoon Doyoon)
Taeyang (Dong Youngbae) Song Hyukjae
Ten (Chittaphon L.) Rune Seong
Tiffany Hwang Aerin Moon
Xia (Kim Junsu) Shi Junsu
Yoo Kihyun Jang Minwoo
Yoo Seungwoo Han Yunseok
Young K (Kang Younghyun) Seong Minhyuk
Zico (Woo Jiho) Ji Kwonyeol
ZTao (Huang Zitao) Ma Zhengguo

to claim
For solo artists, please put the stage name first (if applicable) and their real name in parentheses.
<b>Real artist's name</b>  group or character name<br>

Please do not PM this account, if you need help contact AJ, Cody, or Ophelia, ty! ♥
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