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 SLE Dancer Solo Debut, Jianyi teases upcoming album
Starlight ★
 Posted: Sep 15 2017, 06:37 PM
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SLE Dancer Solo Debut
by starlight ★ | posted Aug 23, 2017
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Jianyi teases upcoming album with a hot MV

As disappointing news circulated of the absence of Current's main dancer from the group's KoKo Bop promotions, also came the exciting announcement of Shao Jianyi's long awaited solo debut, hitting the stage with the throttling single "What U Need?" and accompanying music video. Credits for this boppy release go to the singer himself, naming Jianyi as both the lyricist and composer for the piece. On a V-live, he suggests that the lyrics hold a deep meaning for him for someone special, though when asked to clarify what lucky person it was written for, he skillfully dodges the question by replying "for my fans, of course!".

In the outro to the MV, it gives a teasing image of more to come with the tag Lose Control and hints of it's approaching release, though a release date has not been set. In the meantime, Shao Jianyi will continue to promote "What U Need?" in music shows alongside his group Current, as well as continue solo promotions in China. For those disappointed fans sad to see him excluded from Current's KoKo Bop, at least we'll still get to see plenty of the dancer and his killer moves on the stage, and this time, all focus on him!

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