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 Plot & Setting, Mandatory reading
 Posted: Jan 6 2016, 11:18 AM
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In Seoul, South Korea, many hopefuls try their hardest to get into the music industry to follow their dreams. And some succeed... others don't. Those that triumph are signed under the two most powerful and rival companies: VW Entertainment, under the eyes of the CEO, Vick Woo; and Sky Line Entertainment, under the eyes of their new CEO Chae Hyo Rin.

VWE is an all-rounder company that dabbles in a variety of areas, from acting and modeling to idol groups and soloists. SLE focuses the majority of its resources into building its idol groups and solo artists and pursuing worldwide recognition; recently, they have begun hiring actors and models in order to more strongly compete with their rival VWE.

Some potentials are enticed by VWE's "jack-of-all-trades" nature, a well-balanced yet dynamic company; others are drawn to the fast-growing, money-making machines that are Sky Line's strong idol groups that are taking the world by storm.

In the shadow of these two entertainment giants, a newer company has been on the steady rise for the past three and a half years -- Elysium Entertainment, risen from the ashes of the former Muse Entertainment, torn apart by lawsuits and internal strife. It was the home of highly popular and now-defunct 5-member boy group Dizco and 5-member girl group SHINE.

The company has since been taken over and reformed by new management and a new CEO, Matsuda Sachiko. EME has been slowly making a new name for itself within the industry, determined to shed the skin of its difficult and controversial past, starting with the successes of their flagship groups Aphrodite and Shadows. They've recently caught the eyes of many for their two new trainee groups, whom they have been promoting side-by-side.

The entertainment world is a fierce battle of popularity, and VWE and SLE have been fighting for the top of the food chain for the past several years. Tensions are rising higher than ever now that Sky Line has a new CEO, who is tactful and relentless in her business pursuits, and with EME now in the picture, there's no telling what the future will hold for the entertainment industry.

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