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Here comes RIOT!
DM7's first subunit set to debut with
jude and taeim's 4-track EP 'hit me'
cycles bi-weekly depending on submissions
1st Heo Jaehwan
1st Aerin Moon
4th Park Haneul
4th Kwon Jae Hyun
7th Ahn Hyunjae
8th Oh Yoonyi
12th Elizabeth Ahn
12th Sin Yeong-Bin
13th Zhang MingLi
13th Kim Hyunwoo
13th Park Hyejin
14th Citrine Delacroix
15th Jules Leroux
20th Shin Yoo Jin
20th Yoo Chae Ri
24th Hak Yumin
25th Lori Alexander
27th Feng Yue
28th Min Mae Ri

22 • sle idol
heartline rapper / vocalist
played by pyxis

randomly cycles monthly

i like you
generation mania
vick woo entertainment
from studio album moonrise
randomly cycles bi-weekly

ACTIVITY SWEEP: 2/22 - 3/1
please post in the activity check thread with your characters before march 1, 11:59pm pst.

contact a staff member if you have any questions!

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 ORPHAN to debut!, Letters from Romeo to be released Oct 13
Starlight ★
 Posted: Oct 14 2017, 03:30 AM
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ORPHAN to debut!
by starlight ★ | posted Oct 2, 2017
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Letters from Romeo to be released October 13th!

As previously reported, Choi Yoonsup, cousin of the popular indie rapper June was to debut under the same company. It seems as though his debut has been finalised and he will be releasing his debut EP under the stage name of ORPHAN. The Debut EP is titled 'Letters from Romeo' and the debut track is confirmed to feature June. Fans who have been eagerly awaiting his debut can enjoy the teasers being released and the showcase which is confirmed for Friday 13th October.

The title track is confirmed to be called Corona.

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