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 2 Horizon Members Hospitalized, Neon and Junhoe with broken bones
Starlight ★
 Posted: Dec 21 2017, 05:02 PM
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2 Horizon Members Hospitalized
by starlight ★ | posted Dec 3, 2017
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Neon and Junhoe in the hospital w/ broken bones

Neon and Junhoe of Horizon were reportedly hospitalized after sustaining major injuries in an accident during practice, and sources later confirmed that both group members were in the hospital with Neon being treated for a broken arm and Junhoe for a broken leg.

After a massive wave of panic spread over social media, Sky Line Entertainment opened up to us with an official statement: "While taking a break during practice, Jihun and Junhoe were involved in a roughhousing incident that led to the two of them falling down a flight of stairs and sustaining injuries. Both have been carefully treated and are in good condition. Horizon has already completed promotions, and upcoming schedules will be temporarily suspended as they take their time recovering."

Horizon has already wrapped up promotions for their latest album Young Forever, so fans will only miss out on a few interviews at most, but what's got us in a tizzy is the fact that Neon and Junhoe were "involved in a roughhousing incident". Since when have we known our quiet leader and ever-composed visual to roughhouse? Fans are speculating wildly over the implications, though Sky Line has been unresponsive to further questioning.

How do our readers interpret this statement? Were Neon and Junhoe just playfully messing around with each other, or is there something more serious underlying this incident that could reveal what their friendship is like behind the scenes? Whatever the case may be, we hope the boys rest well and make a clean recovery from their injuries.

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