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 August Sun in serious traffic accident, SLE idols injured in car accident
Starlight ★
 Posted: Apr 22 2018, 05:57 PM
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August Sun in serious traffic accident
by starlight ★ | posted Apr 22, 2018
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SLE idols injured on way back from schedules

Tragically, it has been reported that AUGUST SUN, the ballad duo from SLE, have been involved in a traffic accident. This occurred late last night while travelling from a radio station schedule towards their dormitory in downtown Seoul.

According to statements made by SLE, the van they had been travelling in had been cut off, causing their manager to break suddenly which caused the van to slip on a rainy road and was then struck by another vehicle. The incident has left member Sun (20) in a critical condition at the hospital.

Also travelling in the van was August (19), who sustained minor injuries - reported to be a broken arm and some bruising and scratches - and their manager, Yu Okyung (54) and an SLE stylist, who both sustained minor injuries and are said to be in shock from the incident.

As the news spread in the worldwide K-Pop community, fans have been showing their support for Sun's recovery via social media. The phrase '#PrayForSun' and '#BeStrongAugustSun' have trended on twitter in Korea. More news on Sun's condition as it's revealed. [UPDATE] A statement from SLE was given to media this morning outside of the hospital that Sun is recovering in. There has been an outpouring of support with many flower arrangements being left for the idol.

SLE Statement:

QUOTE (SLE Representative)
"We thank fans for their continued concern and support for all those involved in the unfortunate traffic accident that happened last night. We are happy to report that August has been released from hospital while Sun successfully passed through surgery and is recovering well. August Sun schedules have been cancelled for the foreseeable future and we hope fans will be understanding of this. Please keep Sun in your thoughts for a speedy recovery."
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