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dark star rapper nam hyuk collapses
on stage during world tour in mexico
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 VWE overworks their idols?, Dark Star's rapper faints on stage
Starlight ★
 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 01:33 PM
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VWE overworks their idols?
by starlight ★ | posted May 29, 2018
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Dark Star's rapper faints on stage

While performing in their small world tour around Latin America, Dark Star's main rapper Nam Hyuk collapsed in the middle of the stage and had to be carried out while still unconscious out of the stage by his fellow group members and taken to a hospital in Mexico City to be treated. The main rapper was sent right back home in the first available flight as the rest of the members continued their schedule as planned.

While there is no official statement, rumors about the possible reason for this circulated everywhere and from all sources. The first one was to blame his agency and the latter was to point out how skinny he had gotten in just a few weeks and worrying about their idol having a possible eating disorder problem.

We tried to contact them both but, the idol and his agency remain in silence.

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